Possible to get tired?

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User Info: kilos1

7 years ago#1
playing as FeMC if that matters, but it seems that no matter how many fights I get in she refused to get tired. Everyone else in the group is tired now but not her, what do I have to do to get her tired? I need to know because I need to get tired for one of Elizabeth's requests (getting the strange medicine from the nurse).

User Info: NinjaChocobo925

7 years ago#2
You only get tired when you leave Tartarus.
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User Info: kuiper_pkmn

7 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure that MC becomes tired after each full moon event.

User Info: Musicazzz

7 years ago#4
As u can see, girl have more endurance than boy
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User Info: Becca

7 years ago#5
You can get tired in Tartarus but it hardly ever happens. My Akihiko died with Great status adn when I revived him, he was Tired while still in Tartarus. It doens't happen unless someone dies, in other words.
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User Info: devilishmew

7 years ago#6
I think whether or not you get Tired the next day is based on how many battles you fought in one night; at least that's what I heard. If that's wrong, then it's purely based on how long you've been there. But MC and FeMC will never get tired the night you go to Tartarus.

As previously stated, yes, MC and FeMC will always become tired after a Full Moon event, and your other party members will only get tired the same day if they die in battle and aren't revived before the battle ends.
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User Info: Megaman Freak

Megaman Freak
7 years ago#7
They also automatically get tired if you leave them dead and you move on to the next floor in Tartarus.
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User Info: KADFC

7 years ago#8
Well, I like to shed some light since I just did this.. painfully

I've been fighting in Tartarus for the past 3 to 4 hours due to the Request, same as the TC. I'm in January, so I don't think I can get another Full Moon Event. I gone through floors 1 to 110 twice killing all shadows, as well as treasure hunting. All other teammates got tired, and they still did well in battle.

I just "Rush" mode all of them. After that 3 hours, my MCFem, was still "Good" condition. After each hour, I would save, leave Tartarus, get no "Tired" condition, so reload, go again. I don't know how many battle that was, but I got really bored.

So that brings to the solution. The solution is NOT in Tartarus! Bad Tartarus! Down boy!

The solution is save/reload from the Shrine. You get that concept I believe.

When you do get Tired/Sick, go to Tartarus that night to keep that status. Don't go straight to bed. Next morning, wa la!

PS, I do recall getting Tired the next day from defeating Tartarus bosses. For example, on January 2nd I ran through all the Block 6's bosses. Tired on January 3rd

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