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User Info: MidnightW

7 years ago#11

From: LoganVirusX | #008
if only they can release NOCTURNE for psp ;)

Ew, no.

At least with the female part it'll feel like a whole new game...
But with the same characters.... and possibly story >_>
Says the stupid Valley Girl

User Info: HaxorUrBoxor

7 years ago#12
if only they can release NOCTURNE for psp ;)
Only if you can Gaea Rage almost every other SMT MC.
Who's the Devil Summoner now, ****?
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User Info: SirEntropy

7 years ago#13
im also pretty bummed on how i wasted my summer playing FES and then its going to be re-released for the psp :\

I'm pretty bummed that you could consider playing FES a waste just because of this. The implication, of course, being that I wasted literal YEARS playing things like FF 1,4,5,6,T, CT, VP, and many others only to see them ported to several different systems, which I then wasted time playing before they were ported to their current incarnations.

Those weren't wastes. FF4, CT, and VP are fantastic games, as is P3, and I will be happy to play any of them again. The instant I finished P3 I was whining about wanting a PSP version. I'm just amazed and highly grateful it's actually happening.
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User Info: ValHellen

7 years ago#14
With a true end where the mc's save each other

Wh--*sees poster's name*

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User Info: AerialAlch

7 years ago#15
How come people just love NOCTURNE and don't care that there are 3 versions of the game (all with VERY minor changed), but when Persona 3 is released 3 times (all with significant changed) people get mad?
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User Info: freakykidd

7 years ago#16
Only one of those versions of Nocturne got released in the West, so many people just assume the other versions dont exist.
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User Info: LordArcadio

7 years ago#17
The third version doesn't really count. It was released as part of the limited edition of that Devil Summoner game. All it did was switch out Dante for Raidou. Of course, having the director's cut version being released as the only version in NA/Europe helped. People wouldn't have been as mad about P3 if only FES was released.

I got FES and I'm not too bothered by this. P3P is not a port with added stuff. Most of the game is being rebuilt. P3P is putting a large focus on portability so some features of FES are being removed and replaced. It may be worth having both.
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  3. whoa whoa whoa.. somebody help me out here..

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