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User Info: Farel13

8 years ago#1

I know people discuss this constantly, but I can't stop thinking about it... So blame me if you want, but I'm writing this topic and hoping to get clarifycations

Fool - As far as I've heard, the same as in the original, for both.

Magician - Apparently it's Junpei for female and the classic Kenji for male... quite confusing, thought it'd be like in Persona 4 and now Kanji would be completly eliminated. Kanji supposely shows up during the female mc's scenes during the chariot social link.

Priestess - Fuuka for both, but for the female mc the requirement of courage is just 2... I guess also changes about the love thing maybe... Not that I would mind girls trying out each others bentos

Empress - ???? No information what so ever.... But I wouldn't be surprised if it'd be same except not love and knowledge requirement being only 2 for the female mc ... I think so following how the other Sees girls look.

Emperor - ???? No info whenever Hidetoshi is the same, but looking at magician, it's likely, however even the female mc might also have him as the social link, because Akihiko is no longer Emperor, but Star... what the....

Hierophant - Remains the same for both, no doubt there since Shinji's no longer Hierophant and now he's Moon... what the hell? Also apparently the social link becomes unavaible later on for some reason.

Lovers - Same as before, but as female mc no love and avaible right off... not sure about charm...

Chariot - Kazushi for male, Rio for female I guess... Rio can either be in the tennis or volleyball club. Not sure about Kazushi... how strange Aigis is Chariot but never anything about it...

Justice - Likely Chihiro for male, but no exact info. Ken is a night social for the female mc (what the... that's not really balenced!) and requires max courage to start... what? courage? I sure wonder what could creep the female mc from going with ken?

Hermit - No info on changes with Toriumi, but when as the female mc, you get to go to one of the class committees and there meet Saori.... and the male mc does not??? Does Toriumi like the mc so much she wont force him to? Wait Toriumi was a weekend social link, so again this doesnt seem balanced... Wait "ONE OF the class committees"? Is there a choice?

Fortune - No info at all... Is keisuke for both???

Strength- No info... Yuko wont be for the female mc cause koromaru takes over, so I've heard...

Hanged man - Same for both apparently, but different days she shows up than on the ps2... also later she becomes unavable apparently...

Death - As far as I know, identical

Temperance - No info... perhaps still Bebe and for both.

Devil - No info... again

Tower - No info...

Star - No info, but Akihiko will be the S Link when as the female mc, requiring a charm of 4.... what? why is he star?

Moon - Nozomi doesn't appear for the female mc... for her it's Shinjiro... what the heck?! And yes there are some bonuses for maxing it...

Sun - No info about Akinari...

Aeon - no info....

Judgement - Likely same...

So as far as I can see... The changes are very odd... Why did they let the female mc have the main characters and the male one not? Why are Aki and Shinji now Moon and Star rather than Emperor and Hierophant? I always thought the first duo was more fitting, emperor and hierophant are the classic duo of friend/rival/enemy. And as said... seems very imbalanced how social links depending on the mc have totally different social stat requirement and/or schedule? I think if a social link is for the night, then it's awfully lot more convienient!

So anyways, any confirmation, info?

User Info: Alice_Lockhart

8 years ago#2
Fool - Yup,Both the same.

Magician - Kenji for MC,Junpei for FeMC.

Priestess - Yup,Both the same,but you only need 2 in Courage for Fuuka.

Empress - Mitsuru for both,but you only need 2 in Academics to start the link.

Emperor - Hidetoshi for both.

Hierophant - Yup,Both the same,but Bunkichi gets trapped in Tartarus later and needs to be rescued for the S.Link to keep going.

Lovers - Yukari for both,but I think you only need 2 in charm for her.

Chariot - Kazushi for MC,Rio for FeMC. Rio is in volleyball and tennis,while Kaz is in kendo,swimming and running.

Justice - Chihiro for MC,Ken for FeMC. Dating a 10-year old requires max Courage,for obvious reasons.

Hermit - Ms. Toriumi (Maya) for MC,Saori for FeMC. Apparently Atlus thinks that the only females that play MMORPGS are lonely and middle-aged.

Fortune - Keisuke for MC,Ryoji for FeMC.

Strength - Yuko for MC,Koromaru for FeMC. Bestiality should only be done with women.

Hanged Man - Maiko for both.

Death - Pharos for both.

Temperance - Bebe for both.

Devil - Tanaka for both.

Tower - Mutatsu for both.

Star - Mamoru for MC,Akihiko (Because he's the star of the boxing team,that's why!) for FeMC.

Moon - Nozomi for MC,Shinjiro (WOO! I LOVE FOOL MOON!) for FeMC,and if you find his pocket watch around Rank 9 then there'll be a bonus.

Sun - Akinari for both. *sniff*

Aeon - Aigis for both.

Judgement - Both the same.
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User Info: Rihsa

8 years ago#3
Bunkichi gets trapped in Tartarus later

I find that so funny for some reason.

User Info: Alice_Lockhart

8 years ago#4
Men are clearly more senile than women.
"I want you to do just one more thing for me...
Would you join FOOL MOON for me please...?"

User Info: Farel13

8 years ago#5

emmm geee even Ryoji is............. Seriously people ... what's wrong here? I seriously find these changed for the most part akward! Who planned this out? This is the most akward character difference thing I ever saw

User Info: SideC_H87

8 years ago#6
what do you mean? fan girls planned it of course!

We wanted to date Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Ryoji! (seems some people wanted to date Ken to...gross Pedos)

Though it could have kept Mamoru D:
so...I heard you liked sweet potato

User Info: Farel13

8 years ago#7

Poor Ken....

When you say things can't get worse.......... fangirls show up

User Info: Sunladis

8 years ago#8


Since Pharos and Ryoji are same person, does that mean we're having 2 links with one person?

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User Info: FakeWings00

8 years ago#9
Yep, one lucky character is pulling double duty for Mshe =P

User Info: Mad_Cartoonist

8 years ago#10

^ Ryoji's link works a little different from Pharos where his is only 'Partially' story rank up. Meaning that his S Links rank up on certain dates. Other than that, his link will be available only on certain dates. Miss them? Say good bye to Norn.
What I did was just go out with him whenever I had a chance along with having a Fortune Persona (including that trip to Kyoto). It worked though, and I got full Fortune Link on the first round too. Most of the choices in his S Link are hard to guess too. Most of them are on the first choice (and maybe I bet some times all choices are the best choices. @__@ I might be wrong on this).

<end of spoilers>

Also, I just found out that Lovers link for MShe is available right off the bat on the second round. @__@
Does this change for MC, or is it still the same (meaning only after Yakushima)?
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