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Devil s. link flag

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User Info: KazersFury

7 years ago#1
Where do the devil flags take place?

I thought Tanaka was always at the train station but I haven't even seen him once and it's 6/6 already.

User Info: AquamanOS

7 years ago#2
I think he shows up in the mall at night now.

User Info: opfer_gv

7 years ago#3
P3 - At Train station and he was day time S-link.
FES and P3P - Moves into Mall and appears at Night only.
After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows.
- Syuji Terayama.

User Info: ToFuMaster

7 years ago#4
For FeMC, talk to Hermit when shes available in the hallways for flag 1, must be around social link 3.

Flag 2 - Meet Devil at mall, answer positively

Flag 3 - Meet Devil at mall at, answer positively

User Info: KazersFury

7 years ago#5
Awesome, thanks a lot!

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