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Unstable Tartarus...

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User Info: Kiba_Miyazawa

7 years ago#1
I played the original and FES and i never remember getting this message. I got it from both Mitsuru and Fuuka when asking to go to Tartarus. They said it was unstable and various events are more likely to occur.

They were true to their word and most of the floors were special floors with either death coming early or gold shadows everywhere. I did get one special floor that i never seen which blacked out everything and took the mini-map away. Took forever to find the stairs.

Is this something new? What are all the special floor events that can occur?

User Info: gohobojoe

7 years ago#2
Treasure Map.
Gold Shadow Map.
No Map.
All Map.

First two have lower Death timers.
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User Info: Kiba_Miyazawa

7 years ago#3
All Red shadows

is another type. I know it takes forever for death to show up there. i drew like 15 shuffle cards with death's curse before he showed up.

User Info: abyss_huntress

7 years ago#4
I was always worried about picking the wand cards on red shadow floors. Only ever did it when I was really close to some stairs so thanks for the info.
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User Info: opfer_gv

7 years ago#5
> Members are away from each other when entered floor.
> It is dark and no map is shown.
> Lots of enemies - either gold or red.
> Feels like every combat gives you lot more EXP than usual. (level restriction off)
> Feels like shadows will drop items much more often than usual. (good for getting gems or quest items)
> No enemies.
> Can see whole floor (map is revealed)
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User Info: Kiba_Miyazawa

7 years ago#6
Thanks gohobojoe and opfer_gv.

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