Magic Mirror + Death =

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User Info: Silvarie

7 years ago#1
So, I had the bright idea of using a magic mirror, thinking that it would prove effective in protecting my party and that I had practically only a little bit more to go to kill Death.

Worst. Idea. Ever.
Almighty damage galore.
I struggled to stay alive and do little bits of damage until the damage finally reached to 700+, overkilling me a good 200 damage. ._. /Sigh.

The moral of the story, Magic Mirrors make Death go boom. :c
Back to formulating plans and looking up stuff to kill this thing. =w=;
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User Info: Khazad

7 years ago#2
Yeah attack mirror will do the same. It's ok if you can take one shot of his megidolaon(iirc), and got mediarahan. Level 80 something should do the trick.

User Info: Rasolisu

7 years ago#3
Thunder Reign to stun him (100% effective provided you dont miss), have the next person attack (crit) then all attack, the one after that attack (crit) and all attack again, the 4th person attack (crit) then attack again for Dizzy.

Go nuts on him the next round when he gets up repeat but have the 4th person heal his attack and the third person dizzy (or the second person dizzy if someone died)

only requirements to this strat is Odin and the fact that all 4 characters need to be faster than the Reaper.

User Info: Silvarie

7 years ago#4
D'oh. I feel so silly.
I had Odin, however I always went through with the third All-Out since I thought that was the strategy. I didn't know he could get Dizzy'd. That's an interesting way to do it. . . Well, let's see what happens. :3
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User Info: Judqement8

7 years ago#5

From: Rasolisu | #003
only requirements to this strat is Odin

... Or a Persona with Thunder Reign, though you still need Odin in order to create one. Oh well whatever.
Dun Dun Duuuuhn... Dood.

User Info: Rasolisu

7 years ago#6
^ hehe.

also one thing make sure that you have some MP restoring items if Odin (or whoever) doesn't have Spell Master its a long fight if your levels are low-ish.

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