Beating reaper?(SPOILERS MAYBE)

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User Info: Strain42

7 years ago#11

use a magic shield or makarakarn or anything

Once you do that he will use Megidoloan and ONLY Megidoloan...
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User Info: minato_ookami

7 years ago#12
mmm that explain a lot
then i guess ill be able to beat him as soon as i get fool SL at 10 rank
i don't think i will need thunder reign but i'll lvl some hidetoshi ranks just in case
i maxed lovers, justice and sun and i don't have any of those personas XD
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User Info: Tayo2345

7 years ago#13
What I did:

Equip Horus with Mediarahan.
Use Magic Mirror.
MC: Mediarahan
Akihiko: Attack, hope for crit, AOA
Ken: Attack, hope for crit, AOA
Mitsuru: Ice Break, Mind Charge, Bufudyne, OR, attack, hope for crit, AOA, OR, Spirit Drain.

Luckily no one died after Megidoloan. I used the Magic Mirror so he would use something no one was weak to. Risky, I know, but still.
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User Info: Heiraphont

7 years ago#14
I beat him my first time through the game without Thunder Reign or an Armageddon. It's tough, though, and a little luck is required.

I used Mitsuru, Akihiko and Aigis.

My main character had high crit, so I'd do physical attacks and AoAs when I could.
Akihiko would debuff every round and attack whenever all three debuffs were on
Mitsuru would heal or attack depending on what was needed.
Aigis would buff the party or attack any round the buffs were all on.

Having a persona that's immune to either light or dark helps, but both is better. It took me about four tries with this tactic. Definitely not pretty, but I got it done.
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User Info: PhalanxLord

7 years ago#15
The first time I beat him I had Junpei, Yukari, Akihiko, and a Cybele with Null Light, Thunder Reign, Elec Amp, Elec Boost, Mind Charge, and some other abilities of no consequence. I gave Yukari and Junpei their null items but I didn't have one for Akihiko yet. I refuse to use the cheap Thunder Reign method so I fought the Reaper with the Reaper going second.

The MC was late 60s and everyone else were early 60s IIRC. Anyways, I had Akihiko just keep all the debuffs on the Reaper while Yukari healed and sometimes use Garudyne, Junpei kept using whatever his best offensive attack was (I think it was called Brave Blade though it might have been Gigantic Fist) and Marakukaja, and the MC kept using Mind Charge and Thunder Reign to deal large amounts of damage. I had nearly beat the reaper before (took it down to nearly dead when I accidentally used a magic mirror) without Thunder Reign but I decided I didn't want to spend half an hour wittling it down so I fused the Cybele.

To be perfectly honest any of the max rank elemental attacks would have done just as well due to how I was using it. It makes for a much more satisfying victory than abusing the dizzy system. As long as you have your elemental weaknesses and any light/dark weaknesses negated then it's not hard to beat the Reaper while you're in the 60s if you use buffs and debuffs, even without using a cheap method.
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