I beat Margaret! ...Elizabeth, you're next.

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User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

4 years ago#1
Today is a big day for me. After a 100 hours of Maniac, I finally managed to beat her. :)
I also made it harder for myself by applying these rules to my game:

- No Fusion throughout the game
- No Skillcards
- No Nihil weapons
- No items that cover weaknesses (since they're only obtained through fusion)

So my best Personae were Skadi and Raphael. Thanks to Narasimha and Atropos for lending me their Power and Mind Charge. And thanks to Aigis, Junpei and Yukari for their support throughout the battle. (I love Vorpal Blade)

So if you think Margeret is hard with your overpowered Messiah, think again. It took me about 10 deaths to finally pass the annoying 3rd stage (Maziodyne & Magarudyne suck-.-)

Anyway, all that's left for me now is to beat Elizabeth. Instead of everyone's favorite Orpheos Telos I'm going to use Saki Mitama instead, because it has 3 elemental resistances. So all I have to do is level it to 99 and hope to max all stats. Since it's impossible to beat Elizabeth without skillcards, I'm going to have to use them... But I won't register Saki with them.

Anyway here's my plan of skillcards to use:

Resist Slash
Resist Strike
Resist Pierce
Resist Wind
Weapon Master
High Counter
Sharp Student

Not sure about the last skillcard... Its either gonna be Enduring Soul, Power Charge or Rakunda...
Health and instant death skills shouldn't be a problem since I have 70+ beads and 50+ homunculus.

And my equipment:

Hallowed Plate
Hallowed Boots
Omega Drive

HOPEFULLY I won't get pwned without Divine Pillar, so I'll just have to trust in pure luck.
Any other comments/suggestions?

User Info: BBQTV

4 years ago#2
wow good job. i would never be able to do that
Revoredo posted...
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User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#3
LOL! Good luck even denting Liz at all. She also happens to have physical resistances of sorts during the first four phases so you might even be more gimped on a damage per time ratio.(remember, if you don't defeat Liz in a certain amount of turns its an instant Haxigolaon for you)

IIRC Divine Pillar is basically mandatory in Maniac due to the insane amount of damage she will do.
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User Info: Silfurbor_Negla

4 years ago#4
You will barely survived her attack without divine pillar I think, iirc with armor of light+divine pillar (no resist from the persona), her ma-dyne deal like 350+ on maniac, I think it will reach >500+ without divine pillar, which mean 1 turn KO since we can onky have 999 hp
You may need to constantly cast rakukaja to survive, but cmiiw, ita been a while

Drop weapon master, normal attack wont do much on her, You need to rely on high counter damage to beat her within the time limit (12~13 cycle), which is very luck based and frustating

And no unshaken will? Either use void tome or always guard on her bad status turn, which is very risky if she do normal attack 1st to remove guard stance

It will be doable with divine pillar, armor of light, and unshaken will, but without those thing..... Good luck :p
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User Info: CATPOW

4 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure it's impossible to beat Liz even though you had like 00.01% chance. Doesn't sound so convincing right ? Well, good luck. I tried almost all method but she still pawned me like less than 2 sec.

User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

4 years ago#6
Unshaken Will and Tome Of The Void are only obtained through fusion unfortunately. So if I did use them then the whole "no fusion playthrough" thing would kind of die. But man I didn't even think about her attacking in the first turn to destroy my block... That is very risky indeed.

Well I'm going to get a bunch of Best Friends so hopefully they'll help.
Haha and at least I still have a chance of dodging;D

...But yeah let's get real I agree with you guys that this seems next to impossible but I might aswell try. My Saki Mitama is already level 87 so hopefully I can face her by the end of today. I'll post my progress;)
(message deleted)

User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

4 years ago#8

Alright guys, before I tell you how it went, I just want to say that THIS IS POSSIBLE. It actually is possible to kill Elizabeth WITHOUT Divine Pillar, Unshaken Will and with only physical attacks/high counter on MANIAC. However it requires extreme luck and to know exactly which action to take next.

After 10 deaths (yes I counted) I got her to quarter HP without even using up my Enduring Soul. I was doing well until I accidently used Best Friends instead of Infinity-_- so yeah...

I've replaced Omega Drive with Eye of Wind because the "Best Friends" effect runs out before the Magarudyne spell, and two of those spells without Defence Up means death. So Eye of Wind gives a high chance to dodge those spells.
Fuuka's Oracle and Cadenzas are also very helpful.

So yeah this is possible, and I'm going to keep trying. This could be my greatest achievement in gaming history to date.
Wish me luck:)

User Info: demonsword765

4 years ago#9
If you can manage that, aim for Hito-Shura in DDS next.
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User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

4 years ago#10
Arghh-_- man my best attempt was where I got her to around 10700HP and then she destroyed my block and casted panic, so I couldn't use Infinity.
So then I looked her straight in the eyes while drinking Mitsuru's champagne. And died.
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