Alilat's Heart Item question

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User Info: Vincent25

5 years ago#1
I got Alilat to lv 90 and he didn't give me a heart item, then I got him to lv 91 and still no heart item...................he has all his skills from lvl up, what gives? i need that divine pillar.

User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

5 years ago#2
Yeah man just keep on leveling that sexy babe Alilat

User Info: Vincent25

5 years ago#3
so what lv does alilat get the heart item? i though it was when he gets all skills?

User Info: Dorami

5 years ago#4
It should be L90. Check whether Alilat has a heart displayed in its stat screen. If not, then one or more of the things could have happened:

1. Check your accessories to see if you have an item called Divine Pillar. It's something everybody can equip. If you have it, it means Alilat gave you the heart item, and you just missed it.

2. You got to L90 and accidentally cancelled the heart item. You cannot delay the production of the heart item. If you cancel it, the item is gone.

3. Your Alilat inherited Repel Pierce, or you taught it with a card. In this case, it will produce the heart item when it learns its last skill before Repel Pierce, or on the next level up if it learned all of its skill from the fusion exp boost.

4. Your Alilat didn't have a heart item to begin with. This can happen with personas that may carry heart items.
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User Info: Vincent25

5 years ago#5
god damnit, i think i just realized what the problem is, i had max items........................300, so if you have max items you can't get a heart item? no one ever mentions this.

User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

5 years ago#6
You mean equipment? Dang how the hell did you reach 300? Did you just make a bunch of fusion weapons?

User Info: terran3999999

5 years ago#7
Pfft, I'm betting its number 4. I find it hard to believe you can max out on equipment space.

And for the record, Alilat is a female goddess.
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User Info: ALEXw0z3r3

5 years ago#8
Wait so you can't get any more equipment after you obtained 300 DIFFERENT items or like a 6 same items but 99 of each?

Oh and Alilat is hot dude. She's mine so back off.

EDIT: I just counted all of my equipment and I have 315 items. And that's not even near all that are in the game, so what's the deal?

User Info: Vincent25

5 years ago#9
did i mention i'm playing fes not portable maybe they increased the limit in portable cause in fes it's 300.

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