Level 19 Citadel

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User Info: keenprcptn

7 years ago#1
Im stuck on level 19 Citadel trying to get that darn blue skull or at least get into the red castle, I even went to youtube where unfortunately all the video show that players getting the blue key (and entering the castle) by jumping, any help?
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User Info: Ledmeister

7 years ago#2
You do get to that northwest building by jumping. (Well, running fast-enough, that is.) Remember that you can both run and walk in the game; walking won't cut it for crossing the gap.

Here's a video walkthrough showing how to get all 3 keys and access the exit:

Another way to reach the building, but harder to pull off (perhaps impossible in some versions):

User Info: jakethenoob

7 years ago#3
God that level sucks
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User Info: Devil N

Devil N
7 years ago#4
Yeah, I was pretty annoyed that you have to find what's practically a secret area, in order to get to the blue key. That's not good game design.
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User Info: snoognz123

7 years ago#5
It is a nasty one, if you try to open the bit that does look like it could be a door you get nothing, leading you to believe nothing is there, so you spend the whole time looking elsewhere because you think you've checked that spot.

User Info: Sir_Auros

7 years ago#6
You kids.
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User Info: jakethenoob

7 years ago#7
Us kids what?
GT: Jake Teh Nub
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