Shepard's Apartment question (SPOILERS!!)

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User Info: Sentana

7 years ago#1
Were you able to get a Heavy Armor Colossus X?

I've been trying and I keep getting Medium Armor and also several Quarian Armor. LOL now it gives me that armor when I already got it from Bring Down the Sky.

User Info: Doom_Art

7 years ago#2
Shepards Apartment? what? You go to his apartment in this DLC?
You've walked right into it....

User Info: stapler87

7 years ago#3

Ahern gives you his apartment when you complete the last challenge.
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User Info: Negative_Stolen

7 years ago#4
I've gotten a consistent loop of:

Colossus Light X - Quarian
Colossus Med X - Human
Predator Heavy X - Human
Predator Med X - Turian
Berserker X - Krogan

...can't seem to get good LIGHT armor for nothing. The place is a GREAT source of Serrice Savant X Amps & Omni-Tools, though.

I'll one-up your grievance:

Has anyone been able to get Tungsten / Shredder / Polonium / Proton (VII) Ammo Upgrades from the middle (75k) option? I've gotten Geth Armory Rage VII (krogan), and some crappy VIII guns, some VII / VIII tools / amps, and a slew of even more worthless VIII Ammo / Weapon upgrades, but no sweet VII's...

Too bad we can't trade items - I've got a nice set of Serrice Phantom IX that I'm not using (got a X from Delan!), and I never once got a Tungsten VII the whole way through... only a VI and a couple V's.

User Info: Negative_Stolen

7 years ago#5
This is straight from the devs @ the official forum:

shepard's apartment loot table:

Cheap items:
-Combat Sensor 4
-Kinetic Stabilizer 4
-Cryo Explosive grenade mod 4
-Solaris bio amp 4
-bluewire omnitool 4
-ablative coating 4
-shredder rounds 4
-tungsten rounds 4
-hammerhead rounds 4
-light human scorpion armor 4
-rail extension 4
-medium krogan mantis armor 4
-medium human predator armor 4
-light turian ursa armor 4
-light quarian phoenix armor 4
-medical interface 4
-stiletto pistol 4
-tornado shotgun 4
-equalizer sniper rifle 4
-assault rifle thunder 4

Medium Cost Items:
-Inferno Round 8
-Snowblind Rounds 8
-Sledgehammer Rounds 8
-Prodigy bioamp 7
-logic arrest omnitool 7
-scram rail 8
-high explosive grenade mod 8
-energized plating 8
-high explosive rounds 8
-Light quarian colossus armor 7
-light human mercenary armor 7
-light human mantis armor 7
-medium human liberator armor 7
-light turian phantom armor 8
-heavy krogan Rage armor 7 (geth armory)
-combat exoskeleton 8
-sokolov shotgun 8
-karpov pistol 8
-kovalyov assault rifle 8
-volkov sniper rifle 8

Expensive items:
-Heavy Krogan Berserker Armor 10 (geth armory)
-light human explorer armor 10
-high explosive rounds 10
-polaris bio amp 10
-kenetic coil 10
-Medium Krogan Phoenix Armor 10
-Savant bio amp 10
-Pulse Rifle assault rifle 10 (geth armory)
-Scram Rail 10
-Frictionless materials 10
-Savant omnitool 10
-Medium Human Colossus armor 10
-Light Quarian COlossus armor 10
-Heavy Human Predator H armor 10
-Medium Turian Predator M armor 10
-medical exoskeleton 10
-HMWP pistol 10 (spectre master gear)
-HMWSG shotgun 10 (spectre master gear)
-HMWA assault rifle 10 (spectre master gear)
-HMWSR sniper rifle 10 (spectre master gear)
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