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User Info: GamerDoc320

5 years ago#1

hey everyone here's my video review of deponia.


Presentation is pretty solid, cutscenes are great and the cartoon look is really well done. Some animations are stiff and awkward and the dialog is pretty awkward as well sometimes. I also just didn't find it that funny, a lot of the humor is just goofy, wasn't what I was expecting

Gameplay is standard point-and-click adventure gaming, some cool minigames to mix it up. I do think some of the minigames are really obscure though, as are some of the item puzzles, and I foresee many turning to a walkthrough to finish this. Not that it's difficulty, but that some of the minigames are merely tedious "guess and check" type things that just take a long time and aren't very fun.

The story progresses VERY slowly IMO, and my motivation for playing dropped off pretty quickly after about 3 hours in when I realized nothing interesting has really happened.

Overall I think if you're a huge point-and-click adventure fan and really need to play another one, then this is a pretty safe bet, it doesn't do anything horribly wrong or anything like that.

If you're a casual point-and-click player or haven't played these types of games before, I think there are many better ones out there.

I think the price point is also just right, $7.99-$8.99 or so is very fair and consistent with the quality and length of the game.
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User Info: Poporropo

5 years ago#2
Does the puzzles make more sense than the ones on The Whispered Word?

User Info: TheGuidingLight

5 years ago#3
the minigames are merely tedious "guess and check" type things

The mini puzzles (the first, as an example, is a variation on the knight chess puzzles) are typically more than just "tedious guess and check" and can be solved logically (sometimes with the benefit of having observed certain things outside of the puzzle)

Saying that, a track puzzle is perhaps more quickly solved with some trial and error rather than trying to keep track of all the tracks

There are only something like six mini puzzles and players have the option of having them automatically solved if they're not getting anywhere
Deponia Illustrated Walkthrough
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