So what you guys think now that its out?

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  3. So what you guys think now that its out?

User Info: Cellik_Bhoy

7 years ago#1
I just bought it and played the first few mission and think it does play out very similiar to the ds version =-)

Only problem I have is occasionally its as though the game is stuck on the last direction I pressed and the car veers off in the wrong direction. But to have GTA on my phone its a small price to pay. Mind you this problem might just be me getting used to the controls, I guess time will tell!

I was just wondering what everyone else who has bought it so far makes of it?
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User Info: DVGURU

7 years ago#2
For a $10 GTA game on my iPod, I think it's great. I'm impressed with how close it is to the Liberty City in GTA IV. Controls aren't horrible. Driving could be better, but it's far from unplayable. My biggest gripe is the lack of pedestrian voices. Granted, with the small screen you can't really see any detail with the peds anyway, but it feels weird playing GTA without hearing random voices when I walk down the street. Funny thing is, I did an ambulance mission and there were voices whenever i picked up a patient.

User Info: Muttso1o

7 years ago#3
Well it's plays rather well.
Better then that gangster game from gameloft ( it's not bad, just not my style).

But if you have the DS or PSP version there is no need to buy it.
Since it's the same game, might be that they added some new missions but i have not encountered any.
I just started the game, but for $10 or 8 euro it's a good buy.

User Info: Silent_Ninja87

7 years ago#4

I had a psp a while back but I sold it so I never had the chance to play chinatown wars. So far it is very good and the graphics seem to be from the psp version which is great. The driving takes some getting use to but it is not horrible. Overall, I am very impressed by the game and 10 bucks is a steal for this considering that the psp and ds versions cost more.

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  3. So what you guys think now that its out?

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