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User Info: B00M5T1CK

7 years ago#1
I see these vans marked with a star on top and I start trying to steal them... I'm 0-3 so far and keep getting "near miss" everytime they lose me.

What are they and why am I trying to steal them? I just started following them because they have a red dot on the top of them.

User Info: fenrirhellfire

7 years ago#2
I believe those are the Ammu-Nation vans. The first time I saw one was after you are able to receive guns in the maila nd have them delivered. No luck on getting one though :(

User Info: NotEnoughGolds

7 years ago#3
Don't worry about the "Near Miss." This is just a stunt, like a jump or two wheels - I think it just triggers when you pass a vehicle very closely.

I just stole my first AmmuNation van today.
To steal one, first pin it up against a wall using another vehicle.
Get out, walk a safe distance away, and throw a Molotov cocktail at it.
The driver, passenger, or both will get out of the vehicle.
At this point, you should run a safe distance away, for two reasons:

1. You will have one star from throwing the cocktail, and staying too close to the vehicle might cause a cop to catch on fire and you'll need to deal with a two star wanted level.
2. The occupants of the AmmuNation vehicle have shotguns. Those hurt.

When you feel comfortable, head back and steal the AmmuNation vehicle.

User Info: terry12312

7 years ago#4
There are 2 types of vehicles you can steal.

1. AN (Ammu-Nation) truck (you guys all know about this one)

2. Gang van.

The gang van can be found near the centre of most gangs.

These come with pros and cons. luckily, more pros than cons.

- you can hijack them like any other regular car
- They contain drugs. in my eyes, drugs are worth more than weapons.

- As long as you are anywhere near the territory, you will get followed and attacked by cars of that gang and all the members who are on foot will also shoot at you.

This grudge is only temporary though, and the gang will stop hating on you when you leave their territory.

The gang vans are diffrent in every territory, and they will (most probably) contain the drugs that the gang sells most.

User Info: runninutes

7 years ago#5
I don't see the point in stealing the gang vans - I'm making so much money through regular trading that it doesn't seem worth the hassle. And I'm not really trying hard - just buying and selling things that the game says are a good deal, and trying to make sure I get to the guys who email me.

User Info: terry12312

7 years ago#6
They're just a little extra to the game so that you have something to do when you're bored.

User Info: NotEnoughGolds

7 years ago#7
From my experience the AmmuNation vehicles always have a weapon in them, while the drug vans often have nothing.
For drug stealing, it's best to just do the odd job, if you've unlocked it.

User Info: TheRisingSon

7 years ago#8
Stealing gang vans comes in handy after a while. Sometimes you'll be stealing drugs which you don't have a good buyer for, but once someone hits you up for that particular drug, you'll already have a stash of it.

User Info: JTurn711

7 years ago#9
Just shoot the Aummu-Nation van 3 times with a regular shotgun.
Once the driver gets out, knock him down quickly with a flying kick.
Finish him with a melee weapon (chainsaw or sword) or by punching him.
You can dodge bullets using the "vault" button. The one you use to jump over walls with.

It takes:
3 regular shotgun shells
2 sawed-off shotgun shells
~full clip of a micro smg
23 rounds of a regular smg
23 rounds from regular or double pistol
~2 or 3 rounds from revolver.
XBL GT: J Turn711

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