My first 5.99 purchase

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User Info: Studit

7 years ago#1
I never thought an iPod game could be worth that much, the most I'd paid was £1.79 for Zenonia. Having experienced the quality of that game, and having nearly bought a DS just to play Chinatown Wars I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play it for £5.99. It's downloading now, hope it's worth it....
All it Takes is One Bad Day........
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User Info: runninutes

7 years ago#2

You've probably found this out by now, but it's totally worth it. And I'm not even a GTA fan. I've tried a few of them before and haven't fallen in love. Heck, I didn't even get far enough in on the DS to love THIS one. But this is a great game. You won't be disappointed.

User Info: Studit

7 years ago#3
You are 100% right, much better than I expected!
All it Takes is One Bad Day........
GamerTag: Disco Stu 139

User Info: FugitiveZero

7 years ago#4
i love playing this game while on the go. its my favourite game on my itouch so far and it makes me glad i bought it :)
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User Info: GreasyPete

7 years ago#5
is it really THAT great??

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