Should i get this game?

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User Info: PS3NOV17

7 years ago#1
ok im looking for a good solid review on this game, ive heard alot of good things and some bad things and usually games that arent .99 on the ipod are bad, so is it really worth it?
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User Info: GobletOfOats

7 years ago#2
I'm in the same boat as you buddy. You know, in the long run - owning this game on our iPod/iPhone is just awesome. IMO, there really isn't any reason NOT to own this game.

About and hour ago, I just paid for Dragons Lair - $4.99 CDN. And now after 20 minutes, I'm bored of it. They were a great 20 minutes and I don't regret buying it - it's just that games like GTA offer so much more replay value.. or rather even just play value.

I say get it.

User Info: PS3NOV17

7 years ago#3
yea im probably going to buy it evenatually, just a little worried since like i said, high priced games on the ipod are either boring or dont translate well, but this game looks like it doesnt have those problems.

User Info: dwhtechie

7 years ago#4
The driving controls on such a tiny and sensitive screen are incredibly frustrating... with a top down view you have almost no visibility (and nighttime or bad-weather ops are even worse) which wouldn't be a problem if the controls were responsive enough to swerve around suddenly appearing objects but they just are not.

This game, unfortunately, is a huge chore and a handicapped port... unless you're a diehard GTA fan without a DS or PSP... this has to be a pass from me.

Instead, if you want this type of game, definitely get GangStar instead.

User Info: joker_75

7 years ago#5
I have giant hands and never had any problems with this game.

I love it, it is lots of fun and works well on the iphone. Makes for a great pick up and play type of game... but its easy to sink hours into it without realizing it...

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