GOW1 - Cliffs of Madness - Timed Floor Spikes

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User Info: facetious_t

7 years ago#1
This is driving me mad. I tried it 5 times before trying to look up how to get passed it, and 15 more tries later, I still can't get it.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the room with the timed floor trap just before the second necklace in Cliffs of Madness. Kick the block, don't kick the block. Close to the wall, away from the wall. Watch out for the clicking to stop. I've tried it so many times. Still can't get it. Does anyone have a solid method to get passed this hell-hole of a room?
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User Info: facetious_t

7 years ago#2
Thank you YOUTUBE!


Basically, screw the box, try this method in the video. Here's the move list:

1.Wrath of Artemis: L1+X
2.at the top of that jump, hit L2 to activate Poseidon's Rage
3.while electrified, hold down L1
4.when Poseidon's Rage ends, hit Square (while still holding L1) to activate Revenge of Artemis
5.at the end of the spin, hit X to jump to the ledge

Hope this helps, and sorry if this is somewhere else on the boards.
XBL Gamertag: Facetious T OSU
PSN: Facetious T

User Info: Trambient

7 years ago#3
Even though I hate how modern games give you way too much time with timed puzzles, GoW1 could be a little unforgiving. Even if you do this one perfectly, if you're doing it the way it was intended to be done you have only like a second to spare.
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User Info: erwinraaben55

7 years ago#4
A second is enough :)

Never had that much trouble with this puzzle, don't really see the problem :)

User Info: jri3102

7 years ago#5
the box is very easy....everyone. hold (x) (i believe) to kick the box... hold the kick until it is fully charged.

pull the box out just enough to get around grab the box again from the far side and charge ONE fully charged kick this should put it in a straight line to kick down the small hallway. then you need to grab the box and manually push it a little more, the clicking should stop, jump on the box and double jump to freedom

it took me about 15 tries but after I FULLY charged the kick it made it much much eaiser. even had time to spare.
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User Info: rammtay

7 years ago#6
this is the part where i got the "getting my ass kicked" trophy.

User Info: GunmaN1905

7 years ago#7
This one was a nightmare for me, too.
I just dragged the block around the corner, and when camera changed so i can see the cliff where i need to jump i kicked the box, and 0.00001s after i jumped off the box spikes appeared :D
PSN: GunmaN1905

User Info: Dark_Enig

7 years ago#8
i liked doing this one
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