So how long is this game?

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User Info: sixletscandy

6 years ago#1
Couldn't find anything regarding the length and saw that some people have already finished it. Also how does it compare to the first one? That had to be one of the biggest sleeper hits EVER (IMO) anyone agree?

User Info: Nobo__

6 years ago#2
Around 30 hours is what I hear. I'm about 20 hours in and it feels like I'm close to the end, so I don't know. I haven't done many side quests, nor much grinding.
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User Info: Castleman2

6 years ago#3
For some reason, people ignore answering this. I recently asked and got no answer. I did however find another topic that was not worded very well, so searching for the words "length" or "long" will not answer this, but since your topic title has the word "long" in it, I think it will only help others find out as well.

30 hours
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User Info: WinterKitsune

6 years ago#4
It's about 20-30 hours long from what others say(I am in the 20 range but, they probably did more sidequests and whatnot). It's a pretty good sized game, and there are some new game+ perks which gives you a skin and a powerful weapon.

I actually enjoyed the game considerably, I loved how so many of the partners all developed and became stronger, and all the people Chibi meets throughout the journey bond and it really pulls at your heartstrings. The game does a great job at making some moments in the game pull you right in.

The games harder than the first game battle-wise, which whether that's a good thing to you is a matter of opinion. I also played old hand mode though, so maybe Greenhorn is just as easy. The puzzles rely a lot on team-work with your partner, which is the theme of the game so you really do bond with them throughout your journey.(Also, it's less platformy than Okami) A couple spots seemed kinda... fan-ficcish but, it didn't detract the experience for me. It was kinda nice seeing the story in another perspective.

I hope the TL;DR helps answer your question on the comparison between the two. xD
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User Info: sixletscandy

6 years ago#5
I remember taking over 40 hours on the first one, just saying. Length isn't that important but damn this is longer than I thought it would be. Yes, LONG or HOURS is usually what I type in the search bar. I don't regret buying my DS(i), has some very solid games!

User Info: Luigifan305

6 years ago#6
I beat it 100% and blind in about 25 hours. If you don't care about getting everything, it's WAY shorter.

User Info: sixletscandy

6 years ago#7
Is this the last major release to hit the DS?!?! i wish they would have at least made a paper mario game. I don't think I'll be getting a 3DS right away

User Info: skytraveler

6 years ago#8
Personally, I'd find a percentile comparison to another game to be much more useful. For example: this is 75% as long as Okami. That allows for more discrepancies in how people play. If someone takes 60 hours to beat it, that's useless info for most people, but if they also took 80 hours for Okami, they could just say 75% and that would be roughly accurate for most people.
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

6 years ago#9
I just made it to Sei'an City, how far would you say I am into the game, story wise. - Game Reviews, new and old + collection videos!
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User Info: Nobo__

6 years ago#10
I finished it yesterday with 25 hours playtime. I watched all of the cut scenes, but I didn't do all of the side quests (but did many of them) and I didn't upgrade all of the weapons---just the sword. Also, I only got stuck once (trying to find of the the trees for Mr. Flower), but I never got stuck or lost in any temple (they were quite easy).
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