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User Info: Sekander

4 years ago#1
I was originally going to just respond to a few posts, but everything has been archived on this forum. In case the forum moderator(s) doesn't/don't know, you need a subscription to post on the official DDO forums, even though a lot of the game is free to play. I just wanted to point this out, since I don't know of many other popular places where people who are curious about the game and who are not subscribers can post and talk about the game.

That being said, the posts are sometimes few and far between.

But I wanted to say a few things to new players who are curious about the game, and may not be familiar with the D&D-based system.

First off, if you are going to make a pure caster, I would recommend a Wizard (Wiz) or Cleric (Clr), and not a Sorcerer (Sorc), Favored Soul (FvS), or Druid (Drd).

The Wiz and Clr are the traditional classes from the earliest edition (the Cleric and the Magic-user), and they can learn every spell relevant to their classes, compared to the Sorc and FvS respectively.

To elaborate:

1) At level 5, a Wiz can learn all 24 tier 3 spells. By contrast, a level 6 Sorc learns only one tier 3 spell.

2) At level 7, a Wiz can learn all 25 tier 4 spells. By contrast, a level 8 Sorc learns only one tier 4 spell.

It goes on like this, and even at the highest levels, the Sorc will only learn 3 to 4 spells from each tier (32 arcane spells total, out of 196+ arcane spells). The trick to the Sorc is that it's a class with more spell points (sometimes 50+% more), a faster cast time, and a shorter cooldown on spells. Basically, you need in depth knowledge of the spells and the game in general to make your Sorc effective and tailored to some design.

The same is with respect to the Clr (learns all 126+ divine spells) to the FvS (chooses 32 divine spells).

Also consider the fact that with each update or expansion, if a new arcane or divine spell is added to the game, the Wiz will be able to learn it, and the Clr will likely automatically learn it.

But I leave the choice to you.


Similarly, I would recommend that you choose a Fighter (Ftr) instead of a Barbarian (Barb), Paladin (Pld), or Ranger (Rng), similarly, because there is less room for error.

This is because the Ftr gains a total of 11 bonus feats by level 20, meaning that a level 20 Dwarf Ftr, for example, would have 18 feats of your choosing. By contrast, a Dwarf Barb, Pld, or Rng would have 7 feats of your choosing. With all of the extra feats, you are able to better explore some of the mechanics of the game.

For instance, I would recommend that every beginner Ftr have Power Attack, Cleave, and Great Cleave by level 4, and run around with a greatsword or greataxe. You can thank me later.

With an unenchanted greatsword and 22 Strength, for example, the difference will be between a single target attack of 2d6+9 (11 to 21) damage vs a 6d6+17 (23-53) damage multiple-enemy (AoE - area of effect) attack.

The whirlwind attack feat could transform that into a 10d6+17 (27-77) damage, with an even wider AoE, but that requires a lot of feats to get, as well as 13+ dexterity, and 13+ intelligence. On the other hand, the Ftr has the most bonus feats, and so is the best suited to getting that feat.


Anyways, just a few things I thought I'd write.

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