I'd like play this game.

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User Info: Gothmogz

4 years ago#1
What expansions shuold I get or items from the store?, what would be a total amount to have the whole game?.

Also, it is an arpg?, I prefer to play solo, is really a game oriented to single player?
Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: Gothmogz

4 years ago#2
Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: A_Nony_Mouse

4 years ago#3
That depends.

If you're willing to cough up some serious cash upfront, you could VIP for a year, and buy Menace of the Underdark and Pre-Order Shadowfell Conspiracy. (From the website, not the in game store, base MotU, Collector's Shadowfell.) This will run you around 180 USD. You'll Have VIP for a year (earning you 500 TP/Month).

Only things left to unlock are:
Artificer Class: 995 TP, or 150 House Cannith Favor per server

Drow Race: 400 total Favor per server, TP option available

Veteran Status I (New Characters start at level 4) : 1000 Favor per Server, TP option available

32 Pt Builds for Non-Drow: 1495 TP, or 1750 Favor per server

Favored Soul Class: 995 TP, or 2500 Favor per Server

Veteran Status II (New characters start at level 7): 1495 TP, or 3000 Favor per Server

Purchasing Drow and Vet I through TP isn't really advised, though.

After a year, you'll have 3600 TP, not counting the various amounts you'll earn through your adventures. Counting only that 3600, you're only 1380 points shy of being able to make every single major TP purchase you'll need (Again, not counting Drow, due to ease of attainability, and Vet Status I, as Vet Status II automatically supersedes this.)
These 1380 points can be made up by the Shadowfell Collector's Edition, which gives you 2000 Turbine points, leaving you with a surplus (after the year) of 620.

Suggested order of TP Expenditures with this method:
1.)32 pt Builds
2.)Artificer or Favored Soul
3.)Whichever class you didn't get in step two
4.) Vet Status II (due to Iconics starting at level 15)

The cost is about the same as paying solely for a year's worth of VIP one month at a time, and you wouldn't gain access to the expansion areas.

As mentioned, you *can* earn the needed TP for unlocking everything through favor, and not having to pay a dime. The downside to this is that it takes a lot of time, as well as strategic planning on how to spend your turbine points, leaving little time to enjoy the content itself. There are, however, a few links out there with some advice on how to do this. Links other than the ones listed below are most easily found through a simple google search.




Whether you pay 100 bucks upfront (the expansions can be put off until they're needed) or attempt to get everything for free is really up to you. If you're looking at it as something you know you'll be playing for at least a year, I'd suggest the p2p. If you're just looking to get your feet wet, I'd suggest going f2p.

Personally? I played f2p for a month, then bought a year's worth of VIP after realizing it was something I'd want to be playing for a while.

User Info: Erli

4 years ago#4
I feel like if your going to drop 100$, I'd rather buy the 60$ tp bundle when there is a triple bonus point sale and buy the adventure packs or classes you want when they are 35% off because VIP is more expensive in the long run. Then, when Black Friday rolls around in November, they always have 50% off sales for the expansions at the DDO Market. Menace of the Underdark standard edition at 50% off is 17.50$ and comes with veteran 1, Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach, The Path of Inspiration, The Dreaming Dark adventure packs, Epic destinies, MOTU adventure packs, druid class, and Eveningstar challenges.

Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion isn't out yet, but from the looks of it MOTU gave more for the value, so if you really want it again pick it up at 50% off during black Friday. Regardless, as the above poster stated the free quests in game should get you to around 12-15ish is my guess depending on if you bank exp or not, but anything higher than that wouldn't be fun without buying adventure packs. Give it a whirl regardless. Asking the same question on the official DDO forums would probably yield more advice, though. The board here is quite dead. If you end up liking the game, buy Vale of the Twilight and Gianthold at the very least with tp.

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