episode 2?

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User Info: pancakegr8

6 years ago#1
when is there going to an episode 2, does anybody know?
I'm always disappointed about something.

User Info: ninbin

6 years ago#2
don't be surprised if it get's cancelled. bad sales and terrible fan feedback has got this game in a fatal headlock.


User Info: leungss

6 years ago#3
if bad sales and horrible fan feedback would stop Sega from producing Sonic games, the Sonic series would have ended long time ago. lol

User Info: ninbin

6 years ago#4
^ the sonic series? oh...oh...i thought i was just on about sonic the hedgehog 4...oh...oh...

User Info: Knuckles07

6 years ago#5
^ Sonic 4 is part of the Sonic series so... lol.
Besides, part of this game's title is 'Episode 1'. I'm sure Sega wouldn't cancel Episode 2 because people would be like 'um, when's ep. 2 coming out??' - so they have to follow-through with AT LEAST 1 more episode.
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User Info: ninbin

6 years ago#6
^ another smart arse that's so in a rush to be clever he forgets how to read.


User Info: mdfmkrules9999

6 years ago#7
well if you're gonna get all upset over people making fun of you, at least link us to something even remotely hinting that ep 2 is getting cancelled.
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User Info: ninbin

6 years ago#8
^ and another one! lol

User Info: edward18

6 years ago#9
so you're not gonna give a link?
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User Info: ninbin

6 years ago#10
i never wrote SONIC 4 was gonna be cancelled, or that i had sources saying SONIC 4 was gonna be cancelled.

and for the record i don't want SONIC 4 to be cancelled.

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