how do you throw?

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User Info: greekgod0013

8 years ago#1

How do you throw? I see myself doing it a lot but I don't know how I'm doing it. How do you throw them off screen rather than just pounding them on the ground?

User Info: killerband55

8 years ago#2

it kinda does it automatically, you have to hit your enemy, get close to him and hopefully he'll throw him towards the screens, its all about luck really

User Info: c_yoder

8 years ago#3
Usually random, though I did find this topic on the 360 board earlier that had some tips which DO work sometimes.
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User Info: Sahuagin

8 years ago#4
IIRC from the old one, you have to be close enough, be pressing forward, and then hit the attack button

I found when fighting shredder in his machine, that you could get really good at it by shoulder charging guys, and after colliding you would be in the exact position to perform a throw. with this technique you can throw enemy after enemy after enemy.

Of course, none of this may apply since I haven't played the new version yet.
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User Info: Bubble_Man

8 years ago#5

Reading this reminds me of the SNES version, in which there was a bossfight at the front of the screen shooting at the turtles. The only way to beat him was to throw foot soldiers at the screen and hit him.

User Info: TheCManator

8 years ago#6
Yeah too bad throwing isn't as reliable in this version.
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