Problem with the game (freezing)

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User Info: Zeruos

7 years ago#1
So I bought the gold edition a bit ago, whenever I'm playing and alt tabbed or on another window (Usually playing in window mode) for more than .. oh.. 20-30 seconds, the game basically freezes. I'm running this on windows 7 and while playing I have no problems whatsoever with the game. Additionally I notice sometimes on the task bar a gap pops up between the other apps and the dow2 icon then goes back to normal, same as if something changed in the bottom right icons near the time. When the game freezes, while on another window, I notice the window for dow2 shifts a bit and when I return to it, its just unresponsive and need to close the game and reopen it.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this ? I had already disabled anti aliasing in game and also in config due to one time the game crashed after escaping the planet. Any help would be much appreciated!

User Info: Zero_master00

7 years ago#2
CR is just extremely buggy and i havent seen any amount of tweaking that has completely fixed it yet. personally i can run the original DoW2 just fine but CR is just weird. the 2.1 patch adressed some of the problems but obviously not all. my advice is if u plan on playing the game just turn off as many processs as u can to give it all the processing power u can.
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