How do you take a screenshot?

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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#1
I'd like to take screenshots of my custom paint jobs.
How do I do that? What button takes the screenshot?
And where does the file go?
"I'm the pretty one." - Oghren

User Info: stet1

7 years ago#2
i press the "print screen" button for my WoW screenshots and it goes to worldofwarcraft/srceenshots folder ... or something like that

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#3
I was hitting Print Screen when looking at my paint jobs and such. But I don't know if it actually did anything.
I went looking for a screenshot folder, but couldn't find one. Though, I don't know if it would be in the Steam folder for the game, or if it would stick something in My Documents.
"I'm the pretty one." - Oghren

User Info: Zero_master00

7 years ago#4
it puts screenshots in the DoW2 folder in Documents
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