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User Info: Adenzia

7 years ago#1
Me and my sister usually play Dynasty Warriors together, but we live with each other so we can only play split-screen.

Will this include split-screen?

User Info: Valacan

7 years ago#2
No, there's no couch co-op. Koei hates people who live with their friends or family, starting now.
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User Info: Yian Yan

Yian Yan
7 years ago#3
Have may be a better word. You don't need to live with your friends or family for them to stop by and play.
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User Info: Valacan

7 years ago#4
Ah, good point. Only if you are locked in your house and refuse to see anyone in person, and only communicate through head sets to disembodied voices online. . . only then will Koei like you.

Plus, god forbid you can have multiple people play the same game and only purchase one copy of it. It's logic like that that'll make Koei bankrupt /sarcasm
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User Info: Rampidzier

7 years ago#5
Either that, or it will make KOEI more money because, you know, you have to purchase more than one copy. And let's face it, if you haven't dropped the Warriors franchise by now, you will never drop it. Kind of like crystal meth.
Deal with it.

User Info: Valacan

7 years ago#6
Ah never say never, the reason I was addicted as because of playing it with my friends and family. So, if this is the way they're going to go I'm done with the series as sad as that may be.
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User Info: balmung2100

7 years ago#7
Me too. Offline split screen is one of the main highlights of dynasty warriors. The only reason Im passing this game up is because of the lack of offline co-op. I love playing games online, but some games are just better offline than online, and the warriors series are one of them that needs most focus offline as opposed to online.
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User Info: Mav2

7 years ago#8
I love playing DW games with my wife and this will be the first warriors game I skip. It's a shame that offline games are dying this gen.
"The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth" - Jean De La Bruyere

User Info: EmperorSora

7 years ago#9

Every other Dynasty Warriors game was multiplayer so why not this one?

User Info: cc4567

7 years ago#10
Bcuz they wants maor moniz
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