What are the best weapons for non-elemental and each element?

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  3. What are the best weapons for non-elemental and each element?

User Info: dmljr

5 years ago#1
Considering they made the jp wiki even harder to decipher. They no longer show base stats only full upgraded. And no-one has bothered to add elemental info for weapons into the English wiki. I figured a topic like this could be useful would be useful.

How about least best in general then best sticking with a certain type.

Like best longswords/axe in general, then best longswords/axe only, then best katanas/hammers only. Current available ones only
Seen for best axe
Gigas Slayer non-elem
Phoenix Hammer Fire
Gigas Slayer Water
Gigas Slayer Wind
Phoenix Hammer Earth (Glittering Axe also a good choice thanks to troll killer)
Garuda Axe Fire for Fenrir
Garuda Axe Water for Cerberus
Garuda Axe Wind for Rock Hounds'

Seen for best LS

LS: Raw - Demon King's Blade
Fire - Laevateinn
Water - Egrigori
Wind - Egrigori
Earth - Durendal

the 4 GR26 ones that already are elemental plus a glittering for non-elemental.
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User Info: crimson-falcon

5 years ago#2
my collection

Gigas Slayer non elemental

Phoenix Hammer Fire

Jeweled Hammer Ice

Garuda Axe Wind

Glittering Axe Earth

several gigas slayers not recommended because it requires muddy stones for enhancing and hardly to get it by breaks

will replace gigas with True King Axe when we get them
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User Info: ionenwks

5 years ago#3
Personally axe.. so like in OP's post, going around with 3 gigas slayer+15, 2 phoenix+15. Also 3 garuda+15 and 1 glitter+15 for more situational stuff (have mats to +20 all of them, but no gem8 yet.. even 38 muddy stones).

I'll probably make 5 lux weapons for arks when we can. They'll likely replace some of my default weapons too (unless I change my gears and have dex issues.. gigas/garuda/phoenix all give str/dex, lux is mp/str/agi). True King could potentially replace everything, but sigh..

As for LS, if I was LS (I'm no expert, just started to make some for my Caesar), personally I'd rather use the STR katanas. I'd use Godslayer NE, Laevateinn Fire, Zen Blade Water, Godslayer Wind, Zen Blade Earth. Durandal earth for trolls, Demon King NE for gigas.

I'd be tempted to use a godslayer fire instead of laevateinn.. but sigh... guess can't beat the high fire.

Edit: but yeah, making 3 gigas slayers is not for the faint of heart.. in grand total need 69 muddy stones, 33 of which I already used to +15.

Edot2: In 1h30 of vell farming, I usually get only 5 muddies or so... (stuff like toxic greaver horn+ for godslayer is easier at least.. I usually break greaver tail 4 times/minute, and got 13 horn+ in 1 vell run yesterday -- godslayer has annoying pre-reqs to bind it tho -- didn't try to make Zen Blades yet, kinda low on eyes after making 3 gigas and heracles set (for npcs lol) a while back).

User Info: ionenwks

5 years ago#4
^ and guess i'd also keep some Egrigori around for dragons, similarly to garuda

Then again, given Egrigori/Demon King gives no STR, the killer effect probably wouldn't make a _that_ big difference.

Guess it's good for those that would rather have more MP though.

Edit: MP/Str Reddrake could be interesting though.. but I don't trust those weapons anymore. Like how friend of mine realized he does more damage with Loki's rod (any spell, not just fire), than with Greendrake despite greendrake gives a bit more MAG. Vaguely recall reading there was a small bonus for using GR26+ weapons over lower GR weapons (like GR25 unids). Maybe someone knows better (or maybe loki's element adds a bit to damage regardless of spell?)

User Info: xvynx

5 years ago#5
Which longswords can be earth elememt??? Besides durendal cuz thats my no element atm

User Info: ionenwks

5 years ago#6
^ The reason durandal makes such a good earth weapon is cause it also has troll killer... Makes you a troll murder machine. But against non-troll, it's not that special.

I'd say Zen Blade is probably the best choice for Earth. Given katanas also have increased crit rate, and it gives str/dex. But needs 2 crab demon-god eye to bind it...

The jp wiki is actually not that hard to decipher, just look at the stats of the weapons to identify them. Like if you see a GR26 katana with paralysis, that's obviously godslayer. Available elements are shown in color...

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  3. What are the best weapons for non-elemental and each element?

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