Patch 1.01 changes

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User Info: Meraglade

5 years ago#1
So, I only played the game before the update and I'm noticing some things that were rumored before the patch was released on the whole 'balancing' patch. Things like daggers getting a 10% heal bonus, spears having a MP regen ability, Eclipse Gate actually doing good damage with no AC cost, and status effect seems easier to actually land and the Elem Shields have a shorter duration.

Is there a list somewhere that actually lists all of the changes? Or does anyone know all of the changes off-hand? I'm already past the point where I can respec for free, but if some of the changes are really good for my build, I might change doing my first rebirth.

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: pprincess

5 years ago#2
If you're just referring to build, the patch nerfed DEX and AGI so that you need much higher stats in these if you don't want to miss and if you want to dodge more. These two stats affect axe and bow, respectively, more than other weapon types. You'll need at least 180 or so to approach 90% but you really can't get these kinds of numbers with your build. It's equipment that will do it. Daggers aren't a viable build for anything apart from fun factor, despite not requiring the high DEX numbers axe needs.

Mages were overly boosted and so you end up seeing a lot of mages online.

User Info: Biggabertha

5 years ago#3
Pretty much what pprincess said - if you want the exact numbers, take a look in this thread:

To sum up the figures for Dex:

Dagger, Spear needs 108 Dex
Sword, Cleaver, Longsword, Katana (probably Staff as well) needs 138 Dex
Bow needs 163 Dex
Axe is at least 175 Dex

For Agi, I've heard that 230 Agi makes you virtually untouchable, which is good for Bows - but you end up sacrificing virtually ALL of your other stats for it. (22 from your hands and feet, 22 from your body and legs, 25 from your bow, 10-15 from your accessories which added to your base stat of 98, makes 230 - having True King's Bow probably helps a ton here as well) but generally, 160+ seems to be pretty decent for most classes.

Finally, some other changes were made to LS - most notably, they got a slight damage bump in the positive direction but they still pale compared to a good Axe when it comes to proper Slash damage - at least they're a ton more useable now though, lol.
Also, Demon's Aura now lasts longer than it used to (it was something crazy like 20 or 30 seconds before, now it's at least a minute, heh)

User Info: NightShadowK

5 years ago#4
You can find a majority of the changes from Japan's 1.13 update.

Some of the more interesting changes I've noticed:
Blocking reduces damage much more than it did pre-patch. Of course this works both ways, so if a mob/boss blocks your attack, your own damage would be greatly reduced.

Increase in auto block and block reduction rates

Decrease in duration of HP/MP slip

Changes to a skill through a combination of the following: duration/effectiveness/MP cost. Unless otherwise noted the changes will be increases in duration/effectiveness/MP cost
Arm Breaker, Shield Breaker (duration/effect)
Warlock Stance, Guardian, Sentinel, Twin Blades (effect)
Demon's Aura (MP cost/duration)
Magic Ward, Spirit Ward (effect/duration)
Magic Breaker, Spirit Breaker (all 3)
Anchor Blade (duration)
The following skills have increased aggro/hate gain:
Deadly Fang, +Flameshock, +Glacial Crash
More HP recovered from Serpent Fang
Increased chance of paralysis for Enfeebling Counter
Arm Buster, Armor Buster (effect/duration)
Arm Shatter, Armor Shatter (all 3)
War Cry (duration/MP cost)
Increase of power in shield splitter
Force Field (all 3)
Dispirit Field (duration/effect)
Secure Field, +Support Field, +Body Shield, +Magic Shield (effect)
+Support Field was given an MP recovery effect (2 MP per 3 seconds for 2 mins). However it now costs 2AC to use +Support Field.
Eagle Eye (duration/MP cost)
When raised by Angel's Hymn, you'll recover more HP than pre-patch but the success rate of the skill itself has been decreased.
Smoke Shot, Dark shot (duration increase, however effectiveness is decreased)
Conceal, Bolt Doubler (effectiveness decreased)
Spell Boost, Spell Barrier (effect)
Magic Boost, Magic Barrier (all 3)
Stealth Magic (effectiveness decreased)
AC cost decrease: +Astral Pain, Angelic Voice,
Flame/Water/Wind/Earth Spirit's Ire, +Melting Pain, +Freezing Pain, +Buffeting Pain, +Shuddering Pain
Elemental Prowess 2/4 and Divine Prowess 2/4 - increase in reduction of MP cost
Elemental Magic:
Increase in power of the following skills:
Dragonfire, Conflagration, +Immolate, +Agni's Fury
Icebreaker, Inundation, +Tidal Wave, +Cocytus Flood
Lightning Bolt, Electrocution, +Tempest, +Njord's Breath
Rock Skewer, Disintegration, +Meteor, +Gaia's Pressure
Eclipse Gate, +Final Apocalypse
Increased the effect of reducing elemental resistance of the skills that can reduce elemental resistance. (I'm not going to list relist these, it should be pretty straightforward the 8 skills that reduce elemental resistance)
Spirit Lore - increase in reduction of MP cost
Eclipse Gate, +Final Apocalypse (decreased AC cost, increased MP cost)
Conflagration, Inundation, Electrocution, Disintegration (increase MP cost)
Mana Shield, +Mana Shield, Fortify, +Fortify, Fatigue, +Fatigue (effect)
Divine Lore - increase in reduction of MP cost

For all classes, all elemental physical skills were increased in power.
Increased function point for dagger, spear, bow
I didn't list the skills that got increased in power for LS since there were too many (38 - this number includes elemental skills too). Should just note elemental magic and LS got the most in terms of attack power for their skills.
I assume accuracy was increased for SS, LS, Spear, Staff. Axe got decreased accuracy, and bow had no changes to its accuracy.

User Info: Meraglade

5 years ago#5
Thanks for all the info. I'm just not getting to endgame and going online and have been making changes. Divine Lore being a 20% reduction now is worth the 25 SP to get it. Not sure how big the combo of Divine Lore and Divine Prowess will be, but I'm going to be excited to not have to spam MP recovery abilities to keep my healing up. It's nice to see that Angelic Voice had an AC reduction as well. Hopefully it lasts until used, unlike pre-patch where your next action had to be a healing spell.
PSN: Fawks ~~ WKC: Zepheria ~~ GR 21 Red Mage
"Status effects are so underrated."

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