ONLINE quest = OFFLINE quest?

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User Info: x06xp

4 years ago#1
after reading a couple of topics about the online going down, i still have a few questions. So if i buy this game after the day the online servers go down will i be missing out on quests that can not be accessed in solo play? i don't care about if it's possible to complete it or not, i just wana know if i can still be able to access it offline. so basically l want to know is the number of quests in solo play the same as in online play? oh and will i still be able to BUY and be able to use the dlc hair styles?

Thank you!

edit: hmm, i just did some more research and are the quest that i won't be able to get unless i login to geonet(or w/e it's called) named "WKC 2: Free Roam Quest" so are those the only quest i won't be able to get unless i go online? thank you.

User Info: Glow90

4 years ago#2
Don't think so, all the DLC quests are blue, and are unlocked from the patch for the game, when you reach that area.

As long as that item is still on psn, you can download it.
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User Info: Xerain

4 years ago#3
IIRC the first time I logged onto GeoNet it activated a bunch of new quests. I believe these were primarily the Blue quests, which support parties of 6 players and drop the special blue materials for making the new armor sets that were added with the patch. Many of my favorite sets belong in that category.

However please keep in mind even though the quests can be played offline, they are balanced for online play. Getting your guild rank up offline so you can beat them is gonna be one of the most mind numbing grinds in any game.
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User Info: zaltabor

4 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure you needed to be logged online to unlock all of the DLC quests that came with the patch though and since the servers are going down it's quite possible that even though the patch might still be there the way to unlock them (ie: being online on Geonet) might not.

Which is a shame as there are a huge number of quests to unlock. Not just the free roam quests. You also have around 20 more quests unlocked and as someone mentioned before virtually all of them unlock blue items to make a specific set of armour.

Unfortunately many of these unlocked quests are geared toward online play though where having multiple players helps tremendously. That's not to say they cannot be done solo but it will be difficult for some quests. For example some of the quests are time based (The Lost Legion and The Windfrockers instantly spring to mind) and getting a good rank on those quests, especially the latter, will be extremely difficult and will require a lot of luck.
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