sooo what's going to be Ibuki's alternate costume ?

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  3. sooo what's going to be Ibuki's alternate costume ?

User Info: numberrrr

7 years ago#1
her SF3 ending schoolgirl costume?

User Info: KeJo6

7 years ago#2
Better question: What's going to be Vega's?

I'm betting on Geki cosplay, unfortunately
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User Info: Groundrattler

7 years ago#3
Hopefully not a schoolgirl costume.
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User Info: numberrrr

7 years ago#4
Maybe her casual clothes costume she had during one of her SF3 victory poses?

User Info: Twin_Blade_Mike

7 years ago#5

It'd be awkward if they gave Dudley a hawaiin shirt with some shorts, and Ibuki got a nurse's outfit, with her kunais turning into syringes.

User Info: Oxburn

7 years ago#6
They're not going for logical alts this time around.
They're just giving them straight up ridiculous stuff.
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User Info: ballandchain

7 years ago#7
Makoto's makes sense, though. Doesn't she have a farm or something? Or... IDK, like gardening or whatever?

User Info: Lost7th

7 years ago#8
Ibuki should get a Strider costume
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User Info: Mr_Massacre

7 years ago#9
^^ that would be pretty cool actually... or even an HIBIKI costume...
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User Info: Trekend

7 years ago#10
Hell no. If any character gets a Strider outfit, it's Guy. No question about it.
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  3. sooo what's going to be Ibuki's alternate costume ?

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