SSF4 Turbo?

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User Info: Toney29

7 years ago#1

I know I'm not the only one losing faith with CAPCOM for re-releasing games with extra content. (i.e. RE5 and of course SF4)
I knew it straight away that when SF4 came out, CAPCOM would eventually make a SUPER version of it. (Like: SFII > SSFII) So now my question is will there be a TURBO version as well?!? I don't want to by SSF4, then 6 months later CAPCOM announce SSF4T!?!

User Info: project122

7 years ago#2
amen brudda...that was how i feel when i bought my sf4...had a feeling that either super or turbo is gonna be the next one out...

User Info: Oxburn

7 years ago#3
It was announced that Super will be the "final" version and any changes or updates will be made via DLC. But you never know...
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User Info: TheGreatKakashi

7 years ago#4
Also Capcom will be working on maybe a new DarkStalkers, MvC3, 3rd Strike HD Remix maybe? I sure hell hope so!
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User Info: fesak

7 years ago#5
Why do people always complain about this, yet no one complains when EA releases the same sports games every year?
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User Info: Delriach

7 years ago#6

From: Toney29 | #001
I know I'm not the only one losing faith with CAPCOM for re-releasing games with extra content. (i.e. RE5


I stopped reading there. The new content for Resident Evil 5 was released as DLC and included in an all-in-one Blu-ray disc. Why the **** are you losing faith in Capcom for giving fans more content a year after the original game released?

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User Info: Aigis-chan

7 years ago#7
Capcom already said that SSF4 will be the final version. Any changes will be made via DLC, not a seperate release.

Besides, if you skip out on SSF4 to wait for a Turbo version, then when that comes out you'll just say you'll wait for Turbo 2. Just buy the damn game.
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User Info: Notebook7000

7 years ago#8
Just think of this game as
Super Street Fighter Alpha 4th Strike.
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User Info: outcast1398

7 years ago#9
I swear I thought I read in an interview before SF4 came out that all updates were going to be handled by DLC? I'm not complaining though as they are adding quite a bit. Hell the PS3 version is 36.99 now on Amazon with a $10 coupon for future game purchase.

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User Info: NicoGrimm

7 years ago#10
Considerign the fact that this game is open for any DLC, I don;t see Turbo ever coming out.
A DLC for turbo that they'll charge us for, sure. But not a new game.
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