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User Info: slimemoss

5 years ago#1
hi.gamefaqs has been declining my FAQS,so i'll post them here.

Type of heroes:
This is your average hero,who carries a sword.their attacks are not high,(put ******** aside)
but they attack with sonic speed,so that makes up the loss.can only use saveflags,healing and wind.they can also steal HP.
this type of hero enters you dungeon with his beard and axe.attacks slowly,but the MP's not low,and they can use the spin attack that wipes out your forces,best known for war cry.
this type of hero attacks from afar,unless you set the mode to NooB.attacks slowly,and when surrounded,you can close your eyes,and this hero is down.can use healing,StealMP,fire,wind.
Iron Man
this type on hero is covered in armor,from head to toe.they are best known for Hero rush,"Adi group."they are the best in the game,because they can use moves of 3 other types of heroes,and they attack fast.they have the outbox,which origins of the hunter,and the spin attack,from the warrior,and they can also use Wind.those Iron Man who uses save flags are annoying,because when they are fighting with something and is about to die,he will quickly put down a torch and save don't even have time to pickaxe the flag,because the Iron man will be killed and revived out for them.
Have a good range for attacking,they always heal and use the move,"Teleport,"to toss the monster He/she is fighting to a hero who is still standing strong.when swarmed,the odds are againts them.can use the deadly Ice power.
they have a range like magicians,and can summon weak monsters.can also use the deadly Ice power.
Martial Artists
this hero can use a Deadly skill called "Wakey-Wakey,"which makes them unable to take damage and speed will increase,and will instanly kill any monsters in the way.lasts for 6 seconds.
Can attack from Front-Back,and can use a skill,forgot name,that will create balls that fly around,and the latest movement of a monster or a hero will occur again.

now,i will tell you the strongest hero of each type of hero. be beware of them.
Iron Man:
Martial Artist

And many thanks for reading.if you see this on other sites,read it here.nah,the original is better.
And if i had made any errors,Contact me at: I'll get back to you Soon!
kenka bancho is a very nice game.
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