Which are best/strongest weapons?

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User Info: djepic112

6 years ago#1
I've just been using the heavy duty plasma cutter cos I don't really know what else to use. I also occasionally use the submachine gun (don't remember name) to shoot enemies that come in large groups. I still kind of take a lot of damage though. Tips please.

User Info: Nafzger

6 years ago#2
Ripper, Contact Beam, Flamethrower
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User Info: Sise_Neg

6 years ago#3
I like using the Refurbished plasma cutter (or standard plasma cutter if you don't have a DS1 save file), the detonator (for taking care of stalkers and laying other traps during certain areas you just know necros are gonna be popping out of later), the force gun (for crowd control), and the contact beam (for selling contact energy and the final boss).
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User Info: scythe108

6 years ago#4
Force Gun ruins the Stalker enemies too. Just wait for them to charge you then blast them with the Force when they are up close.

User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#5
"Ripper, Contact Beam, Flamethrower"

Really? I thought mostly everybody hated the ripper and flamethrower. I don't even want to try the flamethrower after the last game lol.

Line gun is incredibly good and is probably my favorite weapon. On groups of enemies like the pack you can stasis them and alt fire the line gun for its set explosive and watch the body parts fly.

The force gun everybody thinks is good. I think it is okay. It is good for getting people off you in cramped situations with its AOE attack. I forgot what the alt fire was.

Contact beam is pretty awesome. The regular fire will kill almost anything in one hit. The alt fire is an aoe attack. If you fully upgrade it the aoe attack also has a stasis effect.

Pulse rifle is a pretty average gun. It is good for when you don't want to waste ammo for a better gun and for dealing with the pack. The alt fire is good too I guess.

Javelin is a decent gun. It is pretty strong initial attack and the alt fire electrocutes the javelins which is very satisfying to watch.

Seeker rifle is a pretty good gun especially if you are accurate enough with it. It kills a lot of enemies in one hit and I think if you zoom in with the alt fire it does more damage.

Rivet gun is crap. I can't believe I passed up ignition with hacker suit for it.

User Info: krono069

6 years ago#6
I say:
force gun
contact beam

Thost two guns are amazing.

Only use the plasma cutter if you think you can aim better than everyone else and believe that people who don't use it are beneath you.

^its kind of a rule 'round these parts...

Worst squadmate ever? ...Kanye West. In the middle of a shoot out he'll snatch your gun outa' your hand to tell you how his gun is the greatest of all time!

User Info: Nafzger

6 years ago#7
I've been over this again and again and again.

If you max out the Ripper, it one shot dismembers EVERY dismemberable enemy on any difficulty, even zealot. 100% guaranteed. Not only that, but the blade keeps going. If you line it up right, you can take out two or three legs in one shot. The primary function is also good for crowd control. Keeps the enemies back and cuts off limbs you can use to kinesis everyone to death if you wish. It has a quick reload, high ammo capacity, and incredible damage if you use it properly. As for the Flamethrower, it got really beefed up this time around. It's a lot better than it was in DS1. But again, it's all about how you use it. You don't want to just hold the trigger down until it runs out of juice. Set someone aflame and move on to the next, or fire the molotov at them instead.

**** the force gun. It's a panic gun, and isn't as good as the contact beam for panic situations. Force gun = trash. Always has been trash. Always will be trash.
PSN & GT: Nafzger
Such is the bloodlust of these bearded hustlers.

User Info: ghostrider9876

6 years ago#8
The Ripper, for the reasons already mentioned. The Dismemberment/Ammo ratio is insane.

Contact Beam. Its primary can kill most anything in one charge (except Black necromorphs, which may take 2). Its alt-fire, especially when fully upgraded, is DEVASTATING. Send out a shockwave that puts all nearby enemies in stasis (and blows all the weaker ones to bits).

Pulse Rifle. High damage per second, good Alt Fire, plentiful/cheap ammo, high rate of fire, especially good for Cysts or other weak enemies if you don't want to waste ammo for better weapons.

Javelin Gun, especially if you fully upgrade the Alt Fire. Stab, sizzle, BOOM. :D
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User Info: Townsdig

6 years ago#9
Honestly, I think the good ol' Plasma Cutter is the best weapon, but of course it's a matter of opinion and play style. Accurate shots with an upgraded Plasma Cutter is money. I like to switch to the Line Gun for groups, seems to be effective, and I'll bust out the Pulse Rifle just cuz its fun to use. Gotta love a grenade launcher.
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User Info: kupo223

6 years ago#10
contact beam and the line gun are powerhouses
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