Final Boss strategy help please

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User Info: characterz3ro

6 years ago#1
Ok so I know what I have to do. Shoot the person until they blow up then shoot the glowing yellow orb in the marker. I guess my question is: how do you go about dispatching the kids that run at you without dying so fast? Part of the problem may be that I don't have any extra health packs and trying to maintain enough health to kill the kids to get more health packs to stay alive long enough to kill the person to kill the orb is extremely difficult. How many times do I have to repeat the process? Im on zealot mode and the game was cake until this part. I have some older saves, but I really don't want to go through the misery of running through that maze to get back here.

So if you've beaten it,, what do you reccomend?

User Info: chosen_one_13

6 years ago#2
What weapons do you have? I did a pretty good job with the saw blade gun, detonator, plasma cutter, and line gun. Mines everywhere, saw blades to just tear them apart when they got near, plasma cutter to hit the marker, and line gun as a backup for any of those three.
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User Info: Valkerion757

6 years ago#3
Javelin and Line Gun work well for it, and you can also get two achievements easy for using them here. But mostly weapons with lots of area damage work well here for the small ones.
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User Info: characterz3ro

6 years ago#4
I have the PC and the Rivet gun. How many times to have to do the whole sequence of shooting the person, then the orb, then the kids, then the person, then the orbs, then the kids, then the person, then the orbs. Is it more than three or just three times. I can maybe do it if it's three, If it's more than that I'm probably gonna have to go back to an old save and get decent guns and bring a few extra HP's.

User Info: characterz3ro

6 years ago#5
up for input

User Info: SinfulAngel

6 years ago#6

Sorry guys...I was so damn tired of this type of final boss battle I just couldn't take it anymore.I dropped the difficulty down to Easy.This whole thing of standing in small spot shooting things again and again (doing it in cycles) is tiresome and boring. The followingsequence did make up for it.Stay through the end credits.

It's 2011, can't we get something other than a final boss battle for the ending to a great game.

User Info: thoriphes

6 years ago#7
I ran around the edge. Once all the enemies appear, they'll be chasing you from behind. I would turn around, pop a few, then circle around back to pick up the ammo. You can also use Stasis, even on Nicole, if you have to. I used just the Plasma Cutter. Nicole will teleport around so don't stand in one spot too long.

User Info: thoriphes

6 years ago#8
Oh as for the number of times, the Markers takes a certain number of shots to die. I blew up Nicole and the Marker took only one shot to blow up.

User Info: JaY_MaC102

6 years ago#9
I had the line gun, force gun and the PC. I would stasis Nicole then use the alt fire on the line gun to get the marker to open up and unload on it. Repeat 4-6 times and game over. That was zealot as well.
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