I do not understand the ending. Please explain. :) (spoilers)

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  3. I do not understand the ending. Please explain. :) (spoilers)

User Info: Kelllvin

6 years ago#1

From what I've gathered,(ending) Nicole pulled Issac into his own mind in order to "make them whole"?? I don't get it. And after defeating her, the giant marker was just destroyed? Just like that? How did that even happened?

I played and finished Dead Space 1, and from what I've gathered, the phrase, "make us whole again" refers to the marker longing to trap the Hive Mind in Aegis 7. How does this phrase come to play here in Dead Space 2 especially when theres no Hive Mind involved.

I find the ending lackluster although I know many of you find it great. It may be cause I don't understand the ending as well as any of you guys do. Any help would be very much appreciated.


User Info: JermaineGresham

6 years ago#2
This is the 3rd ending explaination topic in 10 minutes >_> weird....

So... You haven't played DS2 right?

User Info: Kelllvin

6 years ago#3

I've just finished Dead Space 2 an hour ago. Just confused about the storyline.

Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: DefenderX2480

6 years ago#4
The devs said that they retconed the Markers original purpose because they didn't really expect Dead Space to become a franchise...but it did, so they had the Marker's purpose change from 'Contain Necromorph outbreaks' to 'Start Necromorph outbreaks.'

So, the Marker isn't trying to stop a Necromorph hivemind, but probably create one.
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User Info: Kelllvin

6 years ago#5


User Info: ISDcaptain01

6 years ago#6
the story doesnt make sense to nobody, just wait for dead space 3
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User Info: characterz3ro

6 years ago#7
I think the markers try to break people mentally to get them to come to their side. Nicole was the mental projection of the marker in Issac's mind. The marker chose to project itself as nicole in Issac's mind because of all the guilt he felt for her. It knew that by preying on that weakness it could bring Issac to it which it desperately needed. At the end of the game nicole says the markers must absorb the makers, Issac was a maker, and by killing him, could make him part of it- hence making them whole. I doesn't mean make Issac and Nicole whole, it means Issac and the marker. It's like in Mortal Kombat movie when Shang Tsung tries to defeat lu kang by taking the form of his dead brother. Just when Kang lets his guard down, Tsung tries to kill him.

User Info: th3nobodi3s

6 years ago#8
red marker=wants to stop necros
black/yellow *it looked yellowish to me but might have been light=start necromorphs
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User Info: whoisryanmack

6 years ago#9
We don't yet know what the marker's actual purpose is, nor do we really know the ins and outs of what convergence is supposed to be (making us whole) or why/what the hivemind does.

So far, what we know is that Earthgov killed Altman after he discovered the initial black marker, propped him up as a savior in a psuedo religion in order to control the masses and conceal their true intentions, and then begain making replica red markers for a purpose that is not yet known. The red hivemind marker, the first replica, was not designed to contain the hivemind but did so after plans for the pedestal were discovered which make the marker's abilities more powerful. Seems likely that the need to contain the hivemind was foreseen by whoever originally created the first marker and planted said blueprints. Because of this, we may be looking at a Halo-like scenario where the markers and their placement were actually a plan by an alien race to contain some unstoppable force, but have since been discovered and misused. Or not, we don't know.

Isaac's only real involvement in this is that his marker-influenced mind carries information necessary to create markers. I think the best way to interpret the game's literal end boss battle is that although it appeared that Nicole was involved and there was a large "heart" of the marker, all of that was colored by Isaac's perception. He did actually destroy the marker, but it didn't look the way we saw it in real life. Again, that is open for inerpretation since we don't know very much at all about markers.

User Info: wiouds

6 years ago#10

Remember that that yellow marker (the one in dead space 2) is base off the memory of people so we can not be sura that it is a copy of the first two markers.

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  3. I do not understand the ending. Please explain. :) (spoilers)

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