Dead Space 2 - should have co-op or multiplayer!

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User Info: dark_rage864

7 years ago#1

i know Dead Space is a single player game, but for replay value add some multiplayer components like co-op (not like resident evil 5!) more like true co-op! or even a multiplayer style game (look at dead rising 2!)

User Info: MrAndersonmst3k

7 years ago#2
no it shouldnt, it should stick to the SURVIVAL HORROR game, play by yourself, feel alone and helpless. scrounge for supplies get out numbered, have a errie ambiance and get scared when things jump out at you
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User Info: womprat87

7 years ago#3
I really didn't like the multiplayer element in Resident Evil 5. Too much time was spent babying your partner if it was A.I. controlled and you didn't have a friend around to play with.

Also, it doe break the immersion that is so important to horror games when your partner and you converse.

User Info: pattonpepper

7 years ago#4
Single player only, in my opinion anyway. Maybe... co-op, absolutely no multiplayer.

User Info: solidine

7 years ago#5
You start slapping multiplayer onto the series and it'll only go downhill.
How many games do you own that are multiplayer? How many are there? For god's sake, let this one be single player.

User Info: Sh0w1inM0nk

7 years ago#6
Co-op is okay but it is better single for the mood of the game. but if it has co-op, it better be 10x harder. NO MULTIPLAYER

User Info: Famine_10f4

7 years ago#7

I think they could get away with doing a co-op feature like in DOOM 3 (where you don't have to baby sit an annoying AI when in single player) but I'm not sure if they could do a multiplayer versus style feature though let me take a snap at it;

Idea 1: What if you had one team being the humans (maybe only 2 players) and on the other team you hadthe Necromorphs (maybe having 1 extra player or the same amount along with other AI Necros to support them). I'm assuming there would be more Necro creatures this time around so maybe there could even be a class system. If this sounds familiar to you it is, a Left 4 dead system I think could work though I'm assuming most of the game would be claustrophobic so it may be hard trying to balance this.

Idea 2: I think co-op is the games best bet at having a successful multiplayer so why not creating a few side missions that can only be done cooperatively sort of like in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, missions that could have relations to the single player but never meet, or if they meet its only for a brief second like in the first mission of Dead Space you can ssekendra and... the black guy (forgot name)on the other side of the tracks but can't get to them. If DS2 had moments like that you would play as those characters, see what they were up to when you were storming your way through the single player. NOTE: my idea of these missions would also be splitting those characters up from time to time as well.

I had a third but now it escapes me, something like defend a certain area but that may be kind of lame.

Anyways I think co-op as other players that you see in the single player would be awesome, simply because it gives you a different perspective and they could makethe level desginspecfically for co-op so it wouldn't ruin the single player (by making it both single and co-op).

User Info: RandomCrap

7 years ago#8
I think multiplayer and/or co-op could certainly be pulled off, but I don't think either should be implemented in the game. As MrAndersonmst3k said already, it should stick to making the player feel like they're alone, helpless, and that sort of thing. I think the co-op worked well for something like Extraction, but for the next true sequel, I'd rather not have it.

User Info: Famine_10f4

7 years ago#9

^^ I agree with you, the single player can bedifferent from co-opthough, and even if you could play with a buddy in the single player is that a bad thing? I like options and I enjoy playing with friends, sureDead Space wasmeant to be played alone but I think it still would have been fun to go through it again with a buddy (this does not mean RE5, where you had a co-op partner with you during the single player as well).

Take DOOM 3 for example, it was meant to be played alone, it worked great for being played alone, but it was also very "fun" when you played it with your buddy over co-op. Sure the scare factor went down a bit but does that ruin your single player experience? I don't think it would, having a clone of yourself ONLYwhen playing co-op shouldn't ruin anything.

User Info: The_Cheeser

7 years ago#10
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