what was the purpose of that launch chair (spoilers)

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  3. what was the purpose of that launch chair (spoilers)

User Info: tolchock

6 years ago#1
after fixing the solar panel alignment, that chair basically rockets isaac back down to the civil sector of the sprawl. even without all that debris, that's insane. was something broken or missing, or was this thing functioning properly? seems dangerous to rocket a person towards a city in zero-g. it looked like there was a lit landing pad, but it turned out to be a duct or some sort.

i'm all kinds of bothered by this for some reason.
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User Info: Knight-John

6 years ago#2
He had to get back to the Sprawl very quickly. I forgot why, but the only way he would be able to make it in time is if he was rocketed back to the Sprawl.

User Info: BathBlood

6 years ago#3
Before you get in the computer says something about a malfunction.

Not sure if it's about the chair, wasn't really listening in.
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User Info: Twinmold

6 years ago#4
Think of it like an escape pod, but more epic.
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User Info: RevolverRez

6 years ago#5
Yeah, there was something about a malfunction. Plus, Isaac was in a hurry and there might have been a few stages to the ejection process designed to slow the chair/rider down that he outright ignored in the name of speed.

Quite how he expected to survive is another matter, but as the man himself says "Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas"
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User Info: XxIdleHandsxX

6 years ago#6
Before you go to the solar array Ellie tells you that it's basically old tech and has been mothballed for years. I'm going to assume that the escape mechanism is also old tech and has since been upgraded as we've seen on the Ishimura.

User Info: Xelane4454

6 years ago#7
Pretty much what the above posters said: He had to be propelled towards the sprawl otherwise he would take a very long time.

User Info: BuhBuhBui

6 years ago#8
I honestly believed for a second there that you were gonna be in some badass robot suit or something. Turned out that all it did was launch you... lame lol

User Info: IMhatePIEs

6 years ago#9
It's for emergencies.

Anybody that is up there would be suited up anyway.

User Info: panda360

6 years ago#10
I too wanted some badass robot suit, I even said to everyone in my party "OH MY GOD ITS A BADASS ROBOSUIT", turned out to be something less extreme..... I was not amused.
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  3. what was the purpose of that launch chair (spoilers)

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