Best 4 weapons to bring along

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User Info: BOOMdaking

6 years ago#21
since you asked everyone their favorite four weapons i will post mine
Force fun- its better than your choices
Javvy Gun-its better than your choices
Portable Hell Launcher(flamethrower)-its better than your choices
Contact Beam-its got a cool color
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User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#22
1. Stasis
2. Kinesis
3. Melee (slap/stomp)
4. Whatever.

User Info: papaya

6 years ago#23
You can collect back the darts you shoot out?

User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#24
Class 5 objects? No.

User Info: Wolfwood824

6 years ago#25
Holy hell, the Javelin Gun would be so overpowered if you could retrieve the spears after firing (not to mention, the Seeker Rifle would be completely useless, since ammo drop amounts are its only advantage over it). D=
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User Info: vangopher

6 years ago#26
^yar, i would suggest the force gun or the contact beam, ripper if your playing hardcore
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User Info: Aydoo

6 years ago#27
Upgrade Contact Beam Alt fire to Max
Fire Contact Beam Alt
Win Game

Not only does it stasis everything around you in a huge aoe, it 1shots most everything as well, even on Zealot mode contact beam ammo isn't all that rare so... Seriously there is no reason to not use it. If anything lives through the alt fire, just use the primary fire and its more than dead. Let me put it this way. Know the elevator ride with the tripods? Yeaah.. It 1shots those.. from the center of the room with the alt fire. Just about the only thing it can't is the Brutes, but the Plasma Cutter takes those out np. I don't bother with any other weapons than that.
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User Info: PUR3_GAM3R33

6 years ago#28
1.Plasma Cutter
3.Javelin Gun
4.Line Gun
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User Info: hardup4muff

6 years ago#29
Contact beam is where its at... some people preach the force gun and I tried it maxed out, but just didn't see the results that I was reading from others. No offense to FGrs, but it is just not as good, CB alt fire is king, no doubt. I stick with oldies but goldies, same setup I used in DS1 works fine.

Plasma cutter*
Plasma cutter*
Line gun -- try this alt fire after a CB stasis alt fire, definite room cleaner.
Contact beam

* I know its listed twice, I carry both that way I can switch over instead of reload,,,it might be a little faster, also I like to know when one runs dry I still gotta a full mag left in the other.

User Info: papaya

6 years ago#30
But you'll be spending twice the nodes to upgrade both cutters, won't it be better to buy more ammo & spend the nodes elsewhere?
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