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User Info: mutopis

5 years ago#1
Are all enemy attack patterns the same or do they change when you play a new game?

I have noticed that Klein uses this pattern: break, break, attack, break, break, attack.
Sometimes it would change to: break, break, guard, guard, break, break.

Also Inspire: attack, guard, guard, guard, attack, guard.
or: guard, guard, break, break, guard, guard.

User Info: LegoTechnic

5 years ago#2
All enemies have at least two or three attack matrixes that they can switch between, with most having more, though they will generally use certain battle schemes more than others (rare attack patterns).

Attack patterns are unique for the specific name of the creature, though there is some bleeding of type. Wasps will rarely if ever guard for instance, and snakes prefer to guard and break.
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User Info: PhantomReaperX

5 years ago#3
Yeah, I noticed the bird-type enemies like to attack in sets of 2, like Break Break then Attack Attack and the Break Break again.
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User Info: opfer_gv

5 years ago#4
Each mob have number of patterns, they use them but those patterns are never change in another play. So you can take note and use that as hint in other playthru.
Or kill them a lot and open up all moves (or at least close to it)
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