Dual wielding

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User Info: Darkman49

6 years ago#1
Any chance this will ever be in the game? I love playing dual wielding characters in RPGs.

User Info: Dante200X

6 years ago#2
Don't think so...

Geralt's trademarks are his 2 two-handed swords for monster slaying :P
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User Info: Superrpgman

6 years ago#3
It might exist, but from what I understand, it would kinda contradicts the whole lore of The Witcher. Witcher Steel Swords, and Witcher Silver swords are always specifically 2 handed swords.

It might be "fun," and all, but I'd say it branches off more into Just Goofing Off territory.

I can see it done right, but I hope they don't just for the sake of appealing to people like you.
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User Info: Z_Oblivion

6 years ago#4
I hope not, i don't want Geralt to end up like Anakin.
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User Info: ilovemudding

6 years ago#5
Omg... imagine a double-bladed sword. Steel on one end, silver on the other...

People would cancel their pre-order so quickly...

User Info: Smackpwn

6 years ago#6
dual wielding wouldnt make sense since this game is a medieval game, the only time dual wielding combat was ever prominent was in childrens fantasy books, have you ever known any powerfull armies having large ranks of dual wielding warriors jumping around like prancing girls?

dual wielding just isent a serious fighting style and would bring down the realism of this game and make it look courney, like how it has done to star wars

User Info: ReyVagabond

6 years ago#7
As far as i know, DW, is not what the witcher does, you could have a finisher animation where he uses his other sword, but that should be about it.

Second, DW has been shown in books of many fencing schools Books, Lets take notice that there are not many books of this kind.

Second no army could train a Solider for 8 years so he can learn to use 2 weapons at the same time.

its far esier to train them to use a mace and shield.

As far as dueling, DW, Sword and dagger, is common, DW 2 large weapons, is hard , you dont block ever, you parry and conterstrike in the same motion.
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User Info: cbc5g

6 years ago#8

TW1 had a duel wielding move that you could make, but you had to specialize very far to get it

User Info: steker16

6 years ago#9
i would prefer no dual wielding....however if you remember the final cut scene at the end of the first game...there was a witcher dual wielding daggers

User Info: LLawliet

6 years ago#10
In the first game, you can use Maces and Axes and that was no Witcher's style.

Also, Musashi Miyamoto, a historical figure, is well-known for his dual-wielding katanas style. He's considered by many as the greatest Samurai in history.

Though, he did use and defeat his greatest rival with only one sword (in fact, it was a wooden stick). If history is accurate.

So, is there a chance to have dualwield? yes. Will we have? probably not.
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