Easy, Medium, or Hard?

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User Info: Mogan

6 years ago#1
At work now, but the game is all pre-downloaded and waiting for me at home. I played The Witcher on Hard, and liked it best that way because I needed to use sword, signs, and alchemy to win. How's the difficulty in the sequel?

User Info: DarthPabs

6 years ago#2
A review from the netherlands says that the game is quite challenging even on Easy. Medium sounds like a safe bet for a first play through.

User Info: exclusiveburner

6 years ago#3
I played about an hour or two on medium last night and I thought it was too damn hard, had to revert back to easy which like the above poster said is still quite challenging. I mean I'm using signs, potions, etc....and still having a tough time here and there.
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User Info: Superrpgman

6 years ago#4
I've yet to play this, as I ordered it on amazon, but In the original, I found the game to be too easy outside of hard.

This is supposed to be a much harder game however.
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User Info: RyuRanVII

6 years ago#5
I'm playing the game on hard and enjoying it a lot! It reminds me of Severance Blade of Darkness because in both games you have to be precise and know exactly what you are doing.

Amazing game so far, and I'm still in the prologue.

User Info: Cerabret100

6 years ago#6
I'm slighty hesitant to follow through on my plans to start on Hard mode now...

...oh screw it, hard mode here i come (once it finishes downloading) :)
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User Info: SinofEnvy

6 years ago#7
I thought Medium was too hard and Easy is too easy. I'm still in the first hour or so though, just had my first real battles.

User Info: ZeroHiei

6 years ago#8
If you find it hard on easy or medium, it's because you're not using Quen. It will protect you from getting stunned/flinching when hit, which is absolutely necessary when fighting more than 1 enemy, or you get stun locked to death.
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User Info: Mogan

6 years ago#9
"I've yet to play this, as I ordered it on amazon, but In the original, I found the game to be too easy outside of hard."

I'm in the same boat. By chapter 3 I've got enough recipes and points in the right skills to pretty much make myself a god.
I was really hoping The Witcher 2 would be a little harder, and hey! it sounds like it is.
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User Info: Shifter1178

6 years ago#10
It's actually pretty challenging..I've died many times already..believe I am on Normal..

You really have to use strategy and techniques if you just do like Witcher 1 and go in swinging you will die (on some parts_

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