Ruined elven baths?

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User Info: Ryze82

6 years ago#1
Ok so I found my way to the ruined elven baths when exploring the forest in chapter one... Found a way down to a cave where there is a wall that seems like Aard would do the job... but nope... Used a cat potion (see in the dark and through walls) and I can see the baths down there... but as said Aard isn't working.

Anyone know how to get in there? Thanks!
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User Info: giocare

6 years ago#2
If it's the wall I'm thinking will be destroyed as part of the storyline later.

User Info: Ryze82

6 years ago#3
Ah I see ok, I'll go on with the storyline then, thanks... I'm always to eager to find all stuff/sidequests before starting the main storyline :)
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User Info: dobbelmoral

6 years ago#4
I bet that wasn't all you were hoping to find down there!

User Info: Ryze82

6 years ago#5
I think I know what you mean :)
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User Info: SODIS

6 years ago#6
The Epitome of developer laziness and rushed port-jobs:
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User Info: iamsooty

6 years ago#7
I saved in front of the wall, and when I loaded, the wall was gone. I still couldn't climb in though.

User Info: istuffedsunny

6 years ago#8
I ran into it too and the first thing that crossed my mind was God of War. Alas, that wall would not crumble

User Info: Ryze82

6 years ago#9
You'll go there when doing the main storyline.. as said before :)
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User Info: bakasora

6 years ago#10
Its the best spot down there
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