The Witcher 2 Fixes, Post Yours

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User Info: Electro057

6 years ago#1

Here are a collection of fixes for The Witcher 2 that I have found, or possible fixes I have run across, I want to get all the possible fixes in one spot so people can get their games up and running.

I have a fix for the wolf icon problem, where it just sits on your desktop until you force close the app. It appears many anti-virus are sensing a single file as a trojan. I had to uninstall my anti-virus because it would block the processor actions of this Witcher file and then get steam to redownload the file by checking my cache integrity and realizing the file had been deleted. So if you have an antivirus program and are having the problem where the wolf icon loads but nothing else, then try this (I was using Avast! by the way, it was causing the problem)

1. Delete or disable your antivirus (alternatively install Windows Security Essentials, its free and one of the best out there, and rarely screws you over)
2. Launch steam, go to your games library, right click the game, properties, local files, check game integrity, it should fine 1 missing file and redownload it
3. Launch the game from steam, and it should work, did with me.

To prevent this from happening again download Windows Security Essentials from here:

Install, update, restart, and once you do BEFORE you run the witcher again, go to settings and add your steam folder to the exceptions, and any other games you don't want blocked, TW2 is running fine and well for me now.

This fix was pointed out by mindshok of Gamespot, here:

I just worded it out.

Feel free to post any others you know of for any other problems.

Another problem I noticed for some users not using the steam is your DVD drive can't read the retail DVD, it works for any other retail DVDs but not the Witcher 2, in this thread here:

Some people noticed that newer blu-ray and litescribe drivers weren't working with the DVDs but other older drives and no-name drives were, so if you got an old external or an old drive in an older computer maybe you should try it out.

Also for some people the game may not run off the launcher, the CDRedProjeckt folks recommend you update windows, use the newest driver (I recommend the beta driver for Nvidia users, it has some TW2 fixes) and update to the newest version of Directx, if all that fails check out the Technical Difficulties discuss thread at the Witcher site, and then send their support a Dxdiag and a in depth note of your problem.

Lastly somehow people are complaining that you can't remap keys, I may be daft because I haven't tried it, but at the Launcher I think you can click "Video and Language" and then advanced settings checkbox and it allows you to map "input", this is semi-pre-school level jargon for input-output or I/O, how a user interfaces with his computer, correct me if I am wrong but clicking that may let you remap the keys.

Okay, post away, any game fixes you can think of.

I'll be posting all this on my blog, hopefully many people can see it and it will help them if they are having technical problems.


User Info: HootieHoo

6 years ago#2
For people having trouble installing the DLC because of administrative privileges, open the directory (usually C: > Program Files > The Witcher 2) and right click the launcher icon and choose Run as Administrator. - The podcast for all your geeky needs.
XBL Gamertag: Squirrel Zero

User Info: rozaka

6 years ago#3
im having issues with the launcher popping up when after launching the game and there are only 2 things iv seen that can fix this
1.verify game cache, i dont have it on steam, i have it on disk so i wouldnt know how to do that"
and 2 wich is to lower screem resolution wich i have done but with no luck i evering thing else has worked fine it has worked 9 out of 10 times and even than that but its laggy even in window and even worse in full screen so if any one can help i would be very greatful

User Info: NightDrifter05

6 years ago#4
I had a factory overclocked video card (GTX 285 FTW) and my screen kept freezing but the audio and game itself would continue just the picture would be frozen so I knew it was video card related. I had to declock it (i guess thats what you would call it) and reduce it to factory GTX285 settings and ever since then my game has played flawlessly. So if you have constant freezing or graphical issues and you have over clocked video card (even if it works' just fine with every other game) turn the settings down a little.

User Info: EternalFlame66

6 years ago#5
here's a fix if you crash when you try to leave la valette dungeon in vista. play it on windows 7.
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