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How to hell do I use adrenaline?

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  3. How to hell do I use adrenaline?

User Info: Benreeder

5 years ago#1
I just unlocked the beserker ability and I am quite angry that I don't know what to do with it. I have 6 adrenaline gained when I hit and get a ton more when I'm poisoned. I read in the manual that under the vitality or status bar there should be an adrenaline bar. I've gotta say, this doesn't exist. I also read that I need to press "x" when it is full to activate my ability. Again, no idea if I have enough adrenaline because I can't find the bar. Nothing seems to fill up as I fight. It's really frustrating because there are many times when the extra damage boost would be awesome. I also press "x" and get the sound like I do when my vitality has run out. So I'm assuming it's just telling, sorry not enough adrenaline. Can someone post a screen shot, or better explain where I can find it? The manual that came with the steam version did a terrible job.

User Info: yillin

5 years ago#2
Adrenaline skills are the ones you unlock before the very last skills in each tree. Once you put a point into one or each of those abilities in each tree, a new bar will appear during combat that fills with yellow. Once its full, pressing 'X' will activate it. The swordsmanship one instant kills up to 3 people at once. The magic one places a field down that, as far as I can tell, slows all opponents within it and makes it so you can just go berserk and start killin everyone. Not sure what the alchemy one does.
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  3. How to hell do I use adrenaline?

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