Chapter 3: Rune puzzle

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User Info: Alien3165

6 years ago#1
I'm fairley early on in chapter 3 and I'm up to the "For a higher cause" quest. I came across this golem thing guarding a chest with 4 runes of fire in each corner of the room. Could anyone help me?

User Info: TommyGuner

6 years ago#2
It's part of the Gargoyle Contract quest you get from the noticeboard in the city square.
There's 3 puzzle sites in the city.
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User Info: funkyfritter

6 years ago#3
You have 4 things and you have to click on them in the proper order. There aren't that many combinations so you can just brute force it.

User Info: SaffronGhost

6 years ago#4
There's a piece of paper in a house in "town" that has the order.
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User Info: blue_devil_99

6 years ago#5
The four runes always mean:
Sky (diamond with slash through it)
Art/beauty (looks like a harp)
Animal (S-shaped snake symbol)
Time (hourglass)

In the same room there is always a bookstand. Interacting with it reveals a three line verse. Interact with the runes in the order they appear in the verse. For example:

Three field mice // dance in a circle at dusk // stars are like grain

means the correct order is:

animal (mice), art (dance), time (dusk), and finally sky (stars)

This is also explained in the quest section of a certain FAQ on this site :)
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User Info: Wongass

6 years ago#7
I hope these pics could help, the Orange numbers would denote the sequence:

Rune area 1 (this is the first one seen if you take Iorveth's path)

Rune area 2 (Golem Room)

Rune Area 3 (Amphitheater)

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