How do you meditate?

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User Info: giocare

6 years ago#1
I didn't see any tutorial about meditating and the button isn't listed in the input settings...

User Info: giocare

6 years ago#2

User Info: monterrey4ever

6 years ago#3
open the quick menu and select the option in the middle of the screen

User Info: giocare

6 years ago#4
Thank you.

User Info: Wongster

6 years ago#5
Isn't it easier to just read the manual than ask on a message board? Oh unless...*takes out my silver sword*
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User Info: Alucard_FoN

6 years ago#6
"The silver sword is for monsters, the steel sword is for pirates."

"They're both for monsters."

User Info: Trickerjay

6 years ago#7
It doesn't actually say how to do it in the manual, I was searching for a while when I first went underground and was advised by the game to drink a potion and ended up finding out how to do it by accident!

User Info: Vithar

6 years ago#8
page 6 of the manual, quite clear to me :)
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