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You know whats not fun?

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User Info: DBogatz

6 years ago#1
The karyan. The first part is easy. But the running up the bridge part sucks. Even with Quen, if you get with one boulder, you're dead, because you absolutely cannot get up fast enough to avoid all the subsequent boulders. Died on this part like 10 times. Stupid.

User Info: war_lemon

6 years ago#2
I died on that part once, and that time I wasted time using quen instead of just running as fast as I could to make it. On the other hand though, I died like 25 times on the actual fight :(

User Info: AsanteRevell

6 years ago#3
use the Quen sign
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User Info: kozzy1234

6 years ago#4

haha, man I was so stoked when I cut off all the things arms and then did the quick time events. Then I thought it was pretty much over and I had won when I saw the boulders, so I hid behind the big rocks to take cover and I could not for hte life of me see where I had to go haha. I died a bunch to on that part was annoying hehe.

Awesome game though.

User Info: yillin

6 years ago#5
You can dodge the boulders.... Well, I have the increased dodge range ability so maybe that's why I can. Anyways, when I got onto the bridge, he never threw boulders at me anymore.
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User Info: war_lemon

6 years ago#6
Yeah kozzy I did that too, I had to find a video on youtube of the fight and then felt stupid after for not realizing I had to run up the thing.

User Info: DBogatz

6 years ago#7
Yeah I think something may be glitched with that. Because the first five times I headed straight for the bridge and he kept throwing boulders and I'm pretty sure (at least without extended dodge) that you can not dodge those and one will hit you on the bridge, and then you're meat. But this time I got knocked down from the bridge, barely survive, got behind that shield piece of the aqueduct, and then bolted for the bridge and then he stopped throwing boulders and tried to tentacle me to death which was laughably easy. God that was frustrating.

User Info: Pedro

6 years ago#8
The two major bosses are pretty bad. Once you figure it out it bearable but I wish that the two main boss fights were more enjoyable than painful.

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