Chapter 1 Best Swords

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User Info: iamrob7

6 years ago#1


I'm currently in Chapter 1, just after killing Kayran. I currently have a Robust Cutlass that deals 14-20 damage with 47 bleeding and 47 posion. Considering buying a diagram to makea Jagged Sword with a higher damage but less bleeding.

I'm just wondering whether these are two of the better regular swords in chapter 1 or not, or whether I am better saving my orens and crafting materials as there will be good swords coming up.

Can anyone tell me what kind of swords are available in chapter 1? Best sword they found in that chapter? etc

User Info: y3kman

6 years ago#2
You'll never craft anything if you're just going to wait for the next best thing. <_<

It's perfectly fine if you don't craft since most of the good ones are gotten as a loot or as a quest reward. If you hear Geralt say "My medallion.." later, a good item guarded by a monster is nearby.
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User Info: iamrob7

6 years ago#3

haha, I've already crafted a few items. I was just wondering as the advantage I gain buying this Jagged sword over my current sword isn't so great and I didn't want to do it and then discover in the next quest I get a better one.

You are right though, I should probably not be so anal about it.

Useful info regarding the medallion, thanks.

User Info: HanyouGod

6 years ago#4
I haven't bought a single weapon or armor from a vendor and haven't had any issues. The items you can craft are pretty much always better. I'd recommend hanging on to all your silver ore though. You can craft a pretty beastly silver sword early in act 2 if you have enough, and silver ore was pretty hard for me to come by. Though I might've just been unlucky.
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User Info: Cmac4

6 years ago#5
You can buy all the silver ore you need.

User Info: Vurin_

6 years ago#6
For my play through I never saw anythign better than the Robust cutlass or Jagged Sword until chapter 2, but once in chapter 2 both were outdated relatively quickly.

User Info: Isaac_Redfield

6 years ago#7
If you used an imported game save, you can start with the Moonblade (silver) and a decent steel (that's not too much better than what you started with) along with the Raven armor. The Moonblade lasts until the start of chapter 2, and then you can craft one that blows it away.

The Jagged blade/cutlass are still the best until you do the mines quest--and you can get a 3 socket 26-33 damage steel from one of the banner quests that takes place in the tomb (there is also a sidequest there as well) as long as you do this quest "correctly".

User Info: ZeroDMC

6 years ago#8
Act 1 I ended with the Superb Short Sword and the Kaer-Morhen blade.

Act 2 I ended it with the Blade of Gondor <lol> and the Blood Blade (I think that's what it was called...they looked awesome together, both red hilts)

Still going through Act 3.

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