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ati 5770 performance and monitor question

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User Info: kenshee1111

6 years ago#1
So, after reading about people playing this game in 1080p with near-max settings, I just spent a long time trying out all settings and do everything I can (shy of overclocking) to get as good a performance as possible without making the game fugly.

my system:
ati radeon hd 5770 1gb (latest drivers)
amd phenom 2 x4 955 @3.2GHz
4gb ram
64-bit windows 7 (in task manager TW2 says it's a 32-bit program though, does this matter?)
1080p 23 inch monitor

Conclusion: I can't get smooth gameplay with high settings. Just not happening.
I have however, gotten to the acceptable range of 27-35 fps while fighting in the forest.
I keep about 32-37 on calmer occasions. and solid over 40 in the cave behind the waterfall.

So this isn't 'bad' really, but it's still a little laggy/not smooth.

Lowest settings I found that give good enough visuals:
full screen 1080p
amd vision settings:
anti-aliasing leave up to application
4x AF
texture filtering quality: high quality
enable surface format optimization on
mipmap detail level: quality
AA-mode: adaptive multi-sample AA
triple buffering OFF, this caused my menu to come up with a really noticeable delay!!

Game settings:
texture downscale: none
texture memory size: large (very large crashes sadly)
shadow quality: medium
number of shadowed lights: ultra
LOD distance: far
bloom disabled
light shafts enabled
anti-aliasing enabled
all blurs: disabled
all depth of field aside from cutscene: disabled
vignette enabled
rain effect enabled
SSAO disabled
dangling objects limit disabled
ubersampling disabled (obviously...)
vertical sync disabled
decals high spec.

As a final hint, to those who this could be helpful to, turn off your anti-virus and firefox! Especially firefox, I don't know why exactly, but just like 5 tabs or something, nothing heavy, and my fps drops to like half of what it was before...

Now, Could someone perhaps help me squeeze out a couple more fps? Especially aimed at those people claiming to run 40-50 fps with only ubersampling and SSAO off and ultra settings for everything else.

question 2:
I have my tv hooked up to my pc as well, so I can choose between:
23 inch 1920x1080
32 inch 1360x768

If I play on my tv with all settings aside from resolutions the same I get a great fps boost, I don't drop below 40 in battles in the forest anymore, and the cave goes up to 70 fps. (with 50-60 in town unless there's a lot of NPCs)

Is it in your experience worth it to go for the lower resolution at these fps levels? Or stick with 1080p?

I'm trying to decide on settings before seriously starting to play, so I can just leave fraps off and enjoy the game :)
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User Info: Ramius2463

6 years ago#2

I have the same video card with similar other specs as you. When I was putting my computer together back in December, I had read that the 5770 is best suited for a max resolution of 1920x 1080. Anything bigger than that and you start to see the card struggle, so you might want to stick to your 23 inch monitor... that's what I run my game at on medium specs for the most part (waiting for ati to release the next driver... they've said they're going to work on optimizations towards Witcher 2) and it looks great and I get decent FPS during boss fights ~30 fps.

User Info: kenshee1111

6 years ago#3
uhm ramius, my monitor has a higher resolution than my tv, you must've read wrong ;)

1080p is the maximum resolution any screen/monitor I own can do.
My life's a horrible game because of its MC.

User Info: kenshee1111

6 years ago#4
My life's a horrible game because of its MC.

User Info: LayLow80

6 years ago#5
it might be your ram.

I have a 5770
i-7 930 overclocked
16g of corsair ram

im playing on ultra with AA and uber off and it runs like a dream.

same res as you too.

User Info: KaelMobius

6 years ago#6
I don't believe it's RAM. I'm playing with a 5770 and 8 gb of ram with pretty tight timings and an OC'd Phenom II 1055 @ 4.0 ghz and I can play the game on high at acceptable framerates with SSAO and antialiasing enabled and at pretty good framerates if I turn those off.

One setting that I found helps a lot for performance is texture downscaling, it will make the textures slightly less sharp but if you put the setting on low its an acceptable compromise between the best textures and blurry crap. But you have to make a decision if post-processing or texture quality are more important to you. Also, lower the number of shadowed light sources to medium and disable antialiasing if you can live with it.

I love my 5770 too but it has it's limits.
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