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User Info: vanakurat

6 years ago#1
Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, Laptop
Processor: i5 M460 @ 2,53Ghz + TurboBoost (2,8Ghz)
RAM: 4,00 GB (3,68 GB usable)
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 (AMD Catalyst 11,5 & hotfixb installed, tried both 7.113 & 8.853 drivers, no difference)
HD Space: 220 GB

Lowest settings possible: ~20-25 fps (Literally, lowest possible, 1600x900 fullscreen)
Highest settings possible: ~15-20 fps (UberSampling, SSAO & DoF disabled, 1600x900 fullscreen)

I'm going crazy here, ~30-35 fps is all im really looking for.

User Info: EMIRIO

6 years ago#2
how do you measure fps'?

User Info: vanakurat

6 years ago#3

Download & install.

User Info: EMIRIO

6 years ago#4
yess thanks

User Info: vanakurat

6 years ago#5
Okay, so i did some research & my GPU usage while playing Witcher 2 is always at 99%, no matter which settings im using or what im doing. What the hell is that about..

User Info: xNoctis171

6 years ago#6
As far as I know that is completely normal. Your GPU will always run as hard as it can go to give you the best performance it can give. The only way to get better performance is to overclock.
scientia est potestas

User Info: vanakurat

6 years ago#7
On the lowest settings? Can't be -.-

User Info: seldead

6 years ago#8
hmm unfortunately your performance seems about in line on the high settings and the witcher 2's lower settings seem to not provide much more performance for most people. What you need to remember is laptop graphics card's arent comparable to their desktop counterpart. youll find that the 5870m is about the same as a 5770, which isn't a spectacular card and your 5850 would be even less than that.

Best you can hope for is further optimisation to the lower settings because atm they really dont improve fps as much as their lack of detail would lead you to believe.
2500k 4.4ghz, 8GB DDR3, PowerColour 5850 1gb, 520HX, 40' Sony Bravia W

User Info: PEEair2403

6 years ago#9
Have you install the 1.1 patch?

User Info: vanakurat

6 years ago#10
Yes, i have.

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