Witcher 1 vs Witcher 2

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User Info: Gears420

6 years ago#1

I've just finished playing witcher 2 and it was an amazing experience, I'm going to do another playthrough but on the other path.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that besides the obvious awesome graphics TW2 has, I feel that they could have done better.

1. The Witcher 2's soundtrack was awesome and it really sucked you in. However, I felt that there was less of music this time around than in the first witcher. In the first one there was more tavern music, there was even music specifically for every faction and monsters. For example, the music when you fight the Order, the Salamanders, Scoia'tel, the monsters and even the bosses had their own music. In TW2, the combat music was nearly the same throughout, except maybe for the eternal battle.

2. Am I the only one who though the HUD was somewhat more simplified? I liked the idea of having the medallion look 3d, have a reflective surface and actually started vibrating when I'm near something. The style of the weather indicator is also simplified. The point is, it was all these little things that gave TW1 a more artistic feel.

3. I didn't like the comic-book like flashbacks, the paintings were much better IMO as they had more...expression I suppose.

4. I much prefer this combat system over TW1, but would it kill them to at least have Geralt jump over enemies? I can recall so many times where I got surrounded by enemies and I couldn't even get out, something like that saved my arse plenty of times in the first Witcher. Maybe jumping over enemies like batman does in Batman AA.

Anyway, even if there was some loss IMO, there was also gain. The voice acting (in english) is better, the environments are beautiful as everything is so unique, the combat is better and all the powers and bombs are more useful.

All in all, in terms of quality I'd say TW1: EE and TW2 are tied, 9/10 from me. The story and dialogue of these games are simply amazing and I love the dark setting. Anyway, what do you guys think of this?

User Info: MonkeyDLuffy

6 years ago#2
I actually prefer the combat system in the first game. Geralt felt more like a badass doing all his acrobatic moves. Plus, it feels more RPGish (With rolls for dodge + parry etc.) as opposed to being an outright action RPG in this one
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User Info: Mystoksor

6 years ago#3
I very much preferred the first game. The combat was better, the environments were more engrossing, and overall the whole thing was less cumbersome.

User Info: rktn_odin

6 years ago#4
TW1 story/quest contents, alchemy system, monster sub-family variety, area contents, mini games, are far better/larger/deeper than TW2, IMO.
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User Info: Gears420

6 years ago#5

Yeah, it's true there was more variety, but I think that's also because the game was shorter. Can't blame them really, they made this engine from scratch, I'm sure Witcher 3 will get better.

However, as for combat, I wasn't too fond of it in the first one. I mean sure, it was actually pretty cool to see geralt doing awesome moves, but the actual mechanics were meh. I found that once you get one of the best swords, you just have to sit back and watch everyone die by a couple of clicks by the mouse button. I don't, I didn't feel it liek I did in this one.

Actually, if they keep the action elements of this game, but put in the attack styles of the first one in Witcher 3, then it would be awesome. Ana ction RPG while watching geralt doing his awesome moves :).

User Info: VanderZoo

6 years ago#6
I agree about the medallion, the 3D model that actually shook when near monsters/magic was really cool.
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